TheOhioBrothers Team Manager Claims PH MLBB Server Is “Easy”

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Member of TOB were asked about their thoughts on the difference between the NA server and the PH server in Mobile Legends.
TOB's team manager claims the PH's MLBB server is easier than NA's MLBB server.
Members of TOB are known for their sarcastic remarks on certain topics which sometimes open up more discussions in the MLBB community.

Through a Question and Answer (Q&A) video on the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) North America (NA), the team manager of TheOhioBrothers (TOB) made a bold claim about the Philippines (PH) server of the game. The team is set to compete in the upcoming M5 World Championship where it stands a chance at claiming this year’s championship title.

The topic of which server is the hardest has been one of the hot topics in the ML community. While most players consider PH to be one of the most challenging servers to play in, Wrath thinks otherwise. 

What TheOhioBrothers say about PH MLBB server

As representative teams await the M5 World Championship, a few have explored the culture of this year’s world-stage venue, the Philippines. Through a YouTube video on 30th November, TheOhioBrothers squad answered a few fan questions. One such question is about what they think of the PH MLBB server.

For Carlos "bestplayer1" Vega, he answered, “The difference is, there’s more toxicity in here, but it’s quite fun.”

Jang "Hoon" Seong-hun shared, “A lot of people say ‘Welcome to the Philippines’ in my games, very positive, I like it.”

While the two players praised the PH server and its players for the unique and vibrant gaming community, the team’s manager, Wrath, sarcastically with a straight face mentioned that the “NA server is so much harder, if I’m being honest. PH is easy server.”

Fans should take note that this isn’t the first time that members of TOB have made such bold claims. During a separate interview, the team’s EXP Laner Chris "Mielow" Enobio claimed that he is better than every single Indonesian EXP Laner

The team’s sarcastic remarks on certain topics are what make them quite popular in the Mobile Legends community. The team's ability to inject humor into otherwise serious discussions have piqued the interest of fans.

It will be interesting to see how TOB performs in the upcoming M5 World Championship against the best teams from other regions.

The world series event will start with the group stage on 2nd December with a highly anticipated rematch between the two former rivals AP.Bren and Burmese Ghouls at 2:00 PM (PHT).

TheOhioBrothers, on the other hand, will have its debut match against Deus Vult on 3rd December at 2:00 PM (PHT).

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