Mobazane Says MLBB Ranked Games in PH Are Harder Than Indonesia


Mobazane Says MLBB Ranked Games in Philippines Are Harder Than Indonesia

John Dave Rossel
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MobaZane compared compared the Philippines and Indonesia in terms of difficulty with regards to Ranked Games.
According to MobaZane, the Philippines has more serious ranked players which makes it more competitive.
MobaZane frequently meets players who don't take ranked seriously while playing on the Indonesian server.

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun shared his experience while playing on the Indonesian (ID) server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The North American (NA) pro player has been staying in the region for quite some time. MobaZane along with his squad Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl and Victor were also featured as special guests in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) ID Season 10. The BTK captain stated that ranked games in the Philippines (PH) are much more competitive and hard compared to the Indonesian server. According to MobaZane, he frequently sees players who troll a game or don’t take it seriously.

What MobaZane thinks about the Indonesian server of MLBB

In one of MobaZane’s livestreams, the pro player mentioned that Indonesian players often make troll picks and don’t take their matches seriously unlike the Philippines.

“They take rank way more seriously in the Philippines than they do here [in Indonesia],” said the BTK captain.

When asked which server is the hardest, he responded with “the Philippines, give a lot more tryhard rank players there, amateur tryhards.”

The term “tryhard” in MLBB is referred to people who are more enthusiastic and committed to playing the game on a serious level. It is not mainly used as an insult.

He added that most serious players in Indonesia simply focus on scrim sessions while in the Philippines, pro players rely on both ranked games and scrim sessions.

“I’d be meeting a lot of amateurs, pros in PH. Here, I barely meet anybody, just rank players,” MobaZane explained.

MobaZane is currently staying in Indonesia with the goal of improving his playstyle similar to why he visited the Philippines. However, the squad may not be waving the BTK banner in the pro scene as they plan on joining a new team due to not finding suitable players to complete their lineup.

It shall be interesting to see which teams will the BTK squad join in the future and how they will perform in the upcoming M4 Qualifiers in North America.

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