MobaZane Considering Moving to PH Due to NA's Lackluster MLBB Esports Scene


MobaZane May Be Moving to Philippines for Better MLBB Esports Prospects

John Dave Rossel
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MobaZane reveals that he and and FwydChickn will be travelling to the Philippines to experience its MLBB esports scene.
MobaZane states that he is no longer having fun on the North American MLBB server.
He plans to travel to the Philippines sometime around 19th March 2022.

The team captain of the North American (NA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports team, BloodThistyKings (BTK), Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun, reveals that he may be traveling to the Philippines (PH). According to the pro player, he and one of his teammates, Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl may be venturing to the Philippines in search of a much more competitive MLBB Esports scene. This decision was due to him not being able to travel to Indonesia (ID) due to the travel regulations imposed by the Indonesian government for COVID Prevention. MobaZane believes that every region has a better MLBB esports scene compared to his region, North America (NA).

MobaZane thinks the MLBB Esports scene in NA is “too boring”

Following MobaZane’s rant regarding NA not having an MLBB Professional League (MPL), the pro player revealed through one of his livestreams that he and one of his teammates will be moving to the Philippines in search of a much more competitive MLBB Esports scene.

“ML (Mobile Legends) is getting pretty boring in North America. Me and Chicken (FwydChickn) are moving to Asia, I think,” he said.

He added that he is glad to not be the only BTK member interested in moving to another region to pursue MLBB esports.

In one of his previous livestreams, MobaZane and EVOS Legends’ head coach Bjorn "Zeys" Ong discussed how the NA pro player could officially join EVOS Legends to experience the MPL ID (Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia). However, he won’t be able to secure a ticket to Indonesia until the travel restrictions are lifted.

This made him consider heading to the Philippines in the meantime to experience its MPL tournaments. He added that any region is way better than NA in terms of the MLBB Esports scene.

“We can’t go to Indo (Indonesia) right now, so we’re just going to go to the Philippines,” said MobaZane. “At this point, anywhere is better than NA.”

He also finds it amusing that his team, who secured third place in the M3 World Championship as NA’s representative, is now trying to find another region to pursue MLBB Esports.

“Third place team (M3 World Championship), running from their own country, nice bro,” MobaZane said.

After revealing his travel plans, MobaZane goes on to say that they may be moving to the Philippines sometime in March 2022.

“I think around March 19th,” he said.

MobaZane believes he will be happier playing MLBB competitively in Asia, as he feels no sense of achievement when winning any matches on NA’s MLBB server.

“I feel like I would be so much happier in Asia. Winning or losing, I’m not even having so much fun in NA,” said MobaZane as he delivers one-hit combos to enemies around the map. “Win or lose, the game is not fun and there’s nothing I can do about that. That’s a server issue, not my issue.”

If MobaZane does get a chance to travel to the Philippines, it will be interesting to see how BTK members adjust to the ever-evolving meta in the Philippines MLBB esports scene.

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