MobaZane Compares NA and SEA Mobile Legends Pubs


MobaZane Compares NA and SEA Mobile Legends Pubs

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MobaZane overall believes that players from the SEA region are strong in comparison to players from NA.
However, MobaZane stated most ranked matches in the SEA region played by him and his squad were quite boring to the point that they won despite not playing seriously.
Members of BTK play ranked games separately unless they are having scrim sessions.

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) pro player, Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun believes that the Southeast Asia (SEA) server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is more challenging compared to the North American (NA) server. However, he thinks that the ranked competitive matches in the MLBB SEA server aren’t harder than what the NA server has to offer. MobaZane also added that despite not taking ranked matches seriously in the SEA server, his five-man squad still managed to win most of its matches, leading to him getting quite bored. Despite this, the pro player still believes that the players in the SEA server are stronger than NA but not as strong as everyone thinks.

MobaZane considers the MLBB SEA server as “boring”

Last year’s M3 World Championship, fans witnessed the NA underdog team BTK send Blacklist International down to the lower bracket of the playoffs stage. This shocking upset grabbed the attention of a lot of fans. This made BTK gain followers from various regions.

The team captain of BTK, MobaZane, is known for vocalizing his opinions regarding the MLBB Esports scene. On his popular livestream, he compared the SEA server of MLBB to the NA server. The team captain stated, “It’s hard to say, it’s harder but we don’t lose a lot more,” he stated.

He added that his team managed to dominate their opponents in ranked matches when playing on the SEA server of MLBB. He echoed that there is no point in discussing which sever is stronger as players from the SEA server have been proven to be superior compared to NA. “You could tell actually, Southeast Asian players are stronger, I could definitely see that,” the team captain said.

According to MobaZane, while his team played ranked matches in the SEA Server, BTK wasn’t losing a lot, even though they weren’t taking their matches seriously. This made him and his team feel jaded so they stopped playing together and played separately. “Were we losing a lot? Not at all, and we were trolling a lot of time,” he said. “Eventually, we stopped going five-man because it was so boring.”

While the BTK squad played separately during ranked games, the team still played together during scrim sessions. He added that his experience of playing ranked games on the SEA server of MLBB was the same as playing on the NA server.

MobaZane recently revealed his interest in playing for a SEA team as he thinks the MLBB esports scene is well developed in SEA in comparison to NA. However, with Moonton exploring new regions, it may not be long before NA receives its own Mobile Legends Professional League to encourage more potential pro players and esports organizations to join its competitive scene.

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