Mobazane Claims NA Cannot Reach Playoffs Without Him in International MLBB Events

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MobaZane Claims NA Needs Him Just To Reach Playoffs in International MLBB Events</p></div>
MobaZane Claims NA Needs Him Just To Reach Playoffs in International MLBB Events



According to MobaZane, NA teams can't reach the playoffs stage of any international MLBB tournaments without him in the lineup.
MobaZane claims that if this is just a coincidence then it's a very odd coincidence.

The team captain of BloodThirstyKings (BTK) made a bold claim that North American (NA) teams can’t survive international Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournaments without him. He shared how he was able to help his team reach the playoff stage in world championships, something other teams could not achieve. However, without him in the lineup, teams who represent in international events in MLBB get eliminated in the group stage. This was following the upsetting exit of the NA team in the 2023 International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports Championship (WEC) Mobile Legends event. MobaZane also stated that those who think his statement was egotistical are merely haters. 

“North America never left group stage without me,” MobaZane claims

Through a livestream, MobaZane shared a hot take regarding the performance of NA teams in international tournaments. According to him, NA squads in global MLBB events could not reach the playoff stage without him.

“You can’t even call it ‘ego’, it’s just true, North America never left group stage without me, never,” he stated. “It’s not been done in the history of Mobile Legends.”

He further added that he could've been bragging about this achievement more but he chose not to. This statement does hold true as BTK was able to make a good impression back in the M4 World Championship where it finished 3rd place. The Valley, MobaZane’s second team, while having a disappointing early exit in the tournament, was able to reach the playoffs stage of the M4 World Championship.

Due to unexpected circumstances, BTK was replaced by Team Outplay as the NA representative in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Championship (MSC) 2023. The team went home without any wins in their standing. The MLBB IESF 2023 event signed an NA lineup without MobaZane. The team was eliminated in the group stage after scoring only one win and two losses.

Continuing on his bold statement, MobaZane thinks “If it’s a weird coincidence, it’s a very odd coincidence.”

MobaZane is currently competing under BTK in the North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) 2023 for a slot in the highly coveted M5 World Championship. It will be interesting to see if the iconic team will have another grand appearance in the upcoming international event.

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