MLBB Exorcist Skins to Return Featuring Two New Skins

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MLBB Exorcist Skins to Return Featuring Two New Skins</p></div>
MLBB Exorcist Skins to Return Featuring Two New Skins


The MLBB Exorcist skins may be making a rerun with two new skins.
The new skins are for the heroes Hayabusa and Granger.
Moonton is yet to confirm the return of the Exorcist skins in MLBB.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Exorcist skin series may be making a comeback with two new skins. Data miners have uncovered skins for the heroes Granger and Hayabusa. The skin previews provided are still a work in progress and may receive major changes in their final release. The MLBB Exorcist skin line first debuted in October 2022 featuring skins for the heroes Kagura and Yu Zhong. The return of the skin series is yet to be revealed by Moonton. However, considering it debuted last year in October, its rerun may also be released in the same month for the year 2023.

New MLBB Exorcist skins leaked by data miners

According to Kazuki Official, one of the most aesthetically pleasing skin series in MLBB is making a comeback soon with new skins.

The data miner showed a sneak peek of the two new Exorcist skins for Granger and Hayabusa.

MLBB Exorcist Granger

Considering that the two new skins are part of the MLBB Exorcist skin series, players may be able to acquire them through a possible rerun of the draw event. The event may also allow players to acquire the two previously released skins - Exorcist Kagura and Yu Zhong on top of the two new skins, similar to other skin series reruns in the past. 

Fans should take note that Moonton is yet to confirm the release of the two new Exorcist skins in MLBB. These skins are still concept designs and may be changed once they release on the regular server.

For now, fans may look forward to the recently announced MLBB 515 event 2023 which features a plethora of exciting prizes such as free skins, Promo Diamonds, and much more. A mystery guest has also been teased to show up at the event and is rumored to be a popular K-pop idol group. 

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