MLBB Caster Mirko Explains Why Dlar Did Not Play in MPL ID Season 10 Week 1


MLBB Caster Mirko Explains Why Dlar Did Not Play in MPL ID Season 10 Week 1

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Mirko shared his thoughts on why EVOS Legends may have not allowed Dlar to play in the first week of the MPL ID Season 10.
Mirko stated that there are a lot of things to consider and EVOS Legends may have other plans in mind.
Mirko asked fans to refrain from hating on EVOS Legends as there are still more matches yet to be played and Dlar could make his appearance in these upcoming matches.

The first week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 10 started on a high note. However, some fans were left disappointed when EVOS Legends did not give its new Philippines (PH) import Gerald "Dlar" Trinchera a chance to play. Following this, the MPL ID caster Frederick Handy "Mirko" Loho shared his thoughts as to why the team did not draft its new recruit. According to him, there may be a lot of things to consider that the viewers may not know. Mirko also stated that fans should remain calm and refrain from showing toxicity towards EVOS Legends.

Mirko addresses the backlash on EVOS Legends for not allowing Dlar to play in the first week

Dlar's debut in the MPL ID Season 10 was one of the highly anticipated moments that many viewers had been waiting for. However, EVOS Legends had other plans as they drafted Sebastian "Pendragon" Arthur, in the EXP Lane throughout Week 1, instead of the team’s latest PH import.

EVOS Legends had an impressive performance in its first match against Bigetron Alpha, securing a 2-0 clean sweep victory. However, when the team lost against AURA Fire in its second match of the week, fans started blaming this loss on EVOS Legends’ decision to not let Dlar play.

Following this, the MPL ID Caster Mirko shared his thoughts on the issue. Through one of his SarCast YouTube series, he explained that viewers do not know what is happening within the team and should not make assumptions.

“If you put yourself into the place of the audience, you don’t have any knowledge about scrims, you have no knowledge about what’s going on behind the scenes of EVOS Legends,” said Mirko.

Mirko added that “With the data they have collected, I’m sure from scrims, from this practice, from talking with each other, getting to know each other, I’m pretty sure they have their reasons.”

The caster further explained that there is no way EVOS Legends would simply acquire Dlar only to not let him play in the tournament. “You guys need to remember that this is the first week of the MPL ID Season 10. There are seven more weeks to go, three days each in every week,” he said.

He implored fans to “Chill out, EVOS is going to play more matches. These two matches [In Week 1] may not be important.”

EVOS Legends may be testing the waters with its new Indonesian players in the first few matches. Darren “Taz” and Pendragon were recently promoted from the team’s development division. According to Mirko, “These guys haven’t played in the MPL stage for so long. Meanwhile, if you look at Dlar, the man is a veteran, we can put him as a secret weapon for EVOS anytime.”

EVOS Legends is up against GEEK Fam in the second week of the MPL ID Season 10 at 3:30 PM (ID Time). It shall be interesting to see if Dlar makes his appearance in future matches.

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