MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 Full Notes and Updates


MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 Full Notes and Updates

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The patch notes for the MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 update have been revealed.
The update delivers a few balance changes for the heroes and the battlefield along with bug fixes.
Two new features titled Skin Paint and Grafitti have been added.

The content for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 has been revealed. This update has been currently made available only on the advanced server of Mobile Legends and is yet to be released on the regular servers. The MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 update mainly delivers balance changes to heroes, including the two upcoming heroes Xavier and Melissa. Depending on how these hero adjustments perform, they are subject to change and may or may not arrive on the regular servers of Mobile Legends. A few bug fixes will also be applied in the patch update along with new features.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 hero changes


Xaview Hero Preview

Early game damage greatly increased.

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 240-440 >> 300-500

  • Mana Cost: 60-85 >> 70-130


The developers made the following adjustments in hopes of enhancing the connection between Melissa and her dolls.

Skill 1

  • Revamped: Pulls Muddles toward Melissa (Instead of the enemy).

  • Attack Speed Boost: 50-100% >> 50-75%

  • Mana Cost: 45-70 >> 80-105

Skill 2

  • Revamped: Muddles can no longer be detonated by Melissa's basic attacks but will instead remain bound to the enemy. Initial attack range reduced while binding range greatly increased.

  • Damage Transfer Ratio: 50% >> 100%

  • Cooldown: 13-8s >> 3-1.5s

  • Mana Cost: 80-105 >> 50-0


  • New Effect: The border of the Field of Protection now interrupts enemies' movement skills.


Beatrix has been dominating the early game with her unique weapons, so the developers made a slight nerf to her basic attack.

Basic Attack

  • Initial damage is greatly reduced, but will gradually increase as Beatrix levels up.


Further nerfing for Silvanna's Skill 2 but boosting her Basic Attack as compensation.


  • Attack Speed Ratio: 80% >> 100%

  • Basic Attack's Magic Bonus: 60% >> 75%

Skill 2

  • Pulling force slightly reduced.


Diggie found a new way to enhance his owl alarm bombs.

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 500-800 >> 400-600

  • Magic Power Bonus: 120% >> 100%

  • No longer runs on charges, with reduced cooldown.

  • Activation delay slightly reduced.

  • New Effect: Diggie gains a stack that increases the alarm's explosion damage each time his owl alarm hits an enemy hero. He loses half the stacks upon death, but will gain a stack each time his skill hits an enemy hero when in the egg form.


Northern Vale has bestowed Atlas with newfound power.


  • Frigid Breath Revamped: Enemies that remain within the area over 3s will be frozen for 1.5s and have their Attack Speed reduced by 50% for 3s afterward. The same target cannot be frozen again within 3s.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 Weekly Free Heroes

8 Free Heroes: 21st Jan to 28th Jan (Server Time)

  • Barats, Belerick, Sun, Granger, X.Borg, Terizla, Pharsa, Lolita

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes

  • Minotaur, Harley, Fanny, Moskov, Lunox, Angela

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 Battlefield Adjustments

Purple Buff

  • HP Regen On Hero Kill: 8% >> 5%

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 New Features

Two new features titled Skin Paint and Grafitti will be released on the advanced server of MLBB. More details will be revealed at a later date.

MLBB Advanced Server Patch 1.6.52 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Alpha's ultimate could still be interrupted even after Beta had hit the target.

  • Fixed an issue where Roger's damage against turrets was abnormally high.

  • Fixed an issue where Granger's Attack Speed Ratio was slightly lower than expected.

It will be interesting to see how these changes affect the meta if they arrive on the regular servers of Mobile Legends.

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