Hero Lock Mode in Mobile Legends Temporarily Disabled Due to Bug


Hero Lock Mode in Mobile Legends Temporarily Disabled Due to Bug

John Dave Rossel
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Due to a game breaking bug, the Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends has been temporarily disabled until further notice.
The bug causes the lock icon and the linking to a target to disappear, making single-target spells and basic attacks inaccurate.
The devs promised to provide a bug fix in the next patch update.

The Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been temporarily disabled due to a game-breaking bug that causes the lock icon and the lines linking to a target to disappear. While the game can still be played as normal, players who rely a lot on using the Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends to improve their accuracy will be heavily affected by this bug. For now, the Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends will not be made available until a fix can be deployed in the next patch update. Compensation has also been sent to the in-game mail for all the players.

Mobile Legends promises to fix the Hero Lock mode bug in the next patch update

The Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends is one of the most useful functionalities in the game. This feature allows players to automatically lock on to a target instead of manually choosing a target every time you cast a skill or do a basic attack.

With the recent update, a bug has been discovered by players which makes the Hero Lock button invisible. While players can still use the functionality by tapping on the location of the button, the line that links the player’s hero and their targets have also become invisible. This causes a lot of confusion as players will not know if the Hero Lock mode is activated or not.

Players can claim the compensation through the in-game mail.

Mobile Legends

Moonton issued compensation to all players while also stating that the feature will be disabled for the time being.

Why having no Hero Lock mode is problematic for some players

Without the Hero Lock mode, heroes who rely on stealth and move fast will have the most advantage as players will have to constantly target them manually. Heroes like Sun, Fanny, and Wanwan will have an easier time kiting enemies as single target skills will be very hard to cast.

Hero Lock mode feature in Mobile Legends.

While the Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends is still disabled, players can try heroes who mainly cast Area of Effect (AoE) spells or abilities that hit multiple targets instead of a single target ability. This way, players won’t have to worry about accuracy as AoE abilities can hit multiple targets in an area.

The game may be a bit harder to play without the Hero Lock mode in Mobile Legends. However, Moonton assured that the developers are already working on a solution to fix this bug as soon as possible. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the coming days.

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