Mavi Talks About Politics in Indian Gaming Community and BGIS 2023

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Mavi recently talked about politics in the IGC and how some individuals take advantage of others.
He also spoke about his participation in BGIS 2023 and why he was benched in BGMS Season 2.

Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh is a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports athlete from India. He is regarded by many teams and players as one of the best In Game Leaders (IGL) in BGMI. He has a great deal of passion for the sport, and many people refer to him as the "Man with a Golden Hand" because of his ability to use on-target grenades to put opponents on the back foot.

Mavi talks about politics in IGC and his participation in BGIS 2023

Mavi is one of the community's most reliable players. He is currently a member of Global Esports and has a lengthy history in the Indian gaming community (IGC). Mavi is regarded as the best “assaulter IGL” in India and possesses unrivaled talent in close quarters combat. 

Talking about politics in the IGC, in a recent live stream, Mavi revealed that, “There is a lot of politics in the world. If you try to help someone they take advantage of you. I made the same mistake again trying to help someone and they took advantage of me. But don’t worry I will behave as I used to in 2020. I made an effort to act submissively and gently, but it led to people taking advantage of me. I don’t want to take names but the person i am talking about must have understood it”.

He also talked about his participation in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGIS) 2023, “We at Global Esports will decide the playing four for BGIS Round 2 and will let you guys know. I had to bench myself due to some family emergency and I did not want the other four players to suffer because of my personal issues. It was personally a bigger loss for me. I wouldn't have done that if I was selfish”.

Mavi is one of the most seasoned players in the game, therefore fans want to see him return to competitive esports. The present playing four have excelled in the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMS) 2023, thus it would be interesting to see whether Global Esports changes the lineup for BGIS 2023.

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