BGMI x Aston Martin: Rewards, Cost, Redemption Process, More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BGMI x Aston Martin: Rewards, Cost, Redemption Process, More</p></div>
BGMI x Aston Martin: Rewards, Cost, Redemption Process, More



Aston Martin joins BGMI: Get unique vehicle skins, UC-based redemption, and luxurious in-game upgrades.

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has once again shaken the gaming world by partnering with none other than the iconic supercar manufacturer, Aston Martin. Following the resounding success of its previous collaboration with Bugatti, BGMI enthusiasts have been treated to a brand-new themed event that has taken the gaming community by storm. This thrilling collaboration comes hot on the heels after its earlier introduction PUBG Mobile.

Aston Martin Speed Drift Event: A Series of Exquisite Vehicle Skins

BGMI players can now revel in the luxury of owning exclusive Aston Martin-themed vehicle skins. These cosmetic enhancements are the centerpiece of the Aston Martin Speed Drift event, which is set to captivate players until October 10, 2023, at 05:29 AM IST.

These unique vehicle skins come in a spectrum of striking variants and colors, each tailored to specific in-game cars. To acquire them, players will need to redeem Lucky badges, obtained by spending UC (in-game currency). The price breakdown for these coveted vehicle skins in terms of Lucky badges is as follows:

For Coupe RB:

  • DBS Volante Satin (1 Lucky badge)

  • DBS Volante Sebastian Pink (3 Lucky badges)

  • Valkyrie Racing Green (1 Lucky badge)

  • Celestial Pink (3 Lucky badges)

For UAZ:

  • DBX 707 Quasar Blue (1 Lucky badge)

  • DBX 707 Neon Purple (3 Lucky badges)

To obtain Lucky badges, players can accelerate their progress by spending UC at varying rates, including 60, 180, 500, 1000, 2500, 5800, and 7200 UC. However, it's essential to note that advancing to the next tier through acceleration hinges on sheer luck, potentially leading players to invest substantial amounts in their quest for Aston Martin vehicle skins.

Gifting and More

Players have the choice to either equip these prestigious cosmetics themselves or generously send them as gifts to in-game friends. Additionally, as players advance through the event's tiers, they stand a chance to unlock mythic and legendary outfits, gun skins, and a plethora of other exclusive rewards, making this collaboration event all the more enticing.

A Bounty of Rewards Await

Here's a glimpse of the extensive rewards awaiting players in the Aston Martin Speed Drift event:

  • Aston Martin Lucky Badge

  • Anubis Haute Couture Set

  • Emberfox Set

  • Neon Vixen Set

  • Cosmic Steel - AWM

  • Quickfire - DBS

  • Royalcraft - Scar-L

  • Anubis Haute Couture Cover

  • Emberfox Cover

  • Neon Vixen Cover

  • Gas Canister Smoke Grenade

  • Aston Martin Parachute

  • Signal Scanner Ornament

  • Supply Crate Coupon

  • Classic Crate Coupon

Securing Lucky Vouchers in BGMI

To acquire Lucky Vouchers in BGMI, players can participate in the Speed Drift sub-event. By logging in to Battlegrounds Mobile India, players are entitled to a generous allocation of 1500 Lucky Vouchers. These vouchers can be exchanged for a coveted Lucky Badge, available in the Rewards section of the main Speed Drift event.

To earn Lucky Vouchers in this mini-event, players must accomplish specific missions, which are determined by the amount of UC spent in the main Speed Drift event. The missions and their respective rewards are as follows:

  • Participation reaches 2400 UC spent - 100 Lucky Vouchers

  • Participation reaches 9000 UC spent - 275 Lucky Vouchers

  • Participation reaches 18000 UC spent - 375 Lucky Vouchers

  • Participation reaches 36000 UC spent - 750 Lucky Vouchers

The challenge lies in securing these coveted Lucky Vouchers, as they depend on the UC expenditure in the main event.

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