Mavi Shuts Down Criticism Against His BGMI Career and Slot Theft Claims

Once a legend, always a legend?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mavi Responds to Haters Criticising His BGMI Career</p></div>
Mavi Responds to Haters Criticising His BGMI Career


During a recent livestream, Mavi responded to a hater who criticized his BGMI career and accused him of stealing a slot in the ongoing scrim session.
Mavi proved the value of that single achievement which he had attained more than two years ago.
He also instructed the hater to check once again because that is not the only thing he had achieved in his career.

One of the most celebrated mobile battle royale players from India, Harmandeep "Mavi" Singh, has been absent from the competitive scene for quite some time. Even when BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) was available he was not competing at the highest level under the banner of Team XSpark.

He had taken a break from the scene shortly after but he has recently popped up again, playing and practicing with his own makeshift team in the ongoing BGMI scrims against some of the top teams.

During his recent livestream, an audience member called out Mavi for the steady decline that his career has shown while also accusing him of stealing scrim slots from other deserving teams.

This caught the player's eye and Mavi decided to respond categorically to each count of criticism pointed against him without abusing or trashing on the hater.

Mavi responds to hater who accuses him of stealing slots while stating that his BGMI career is dead

After noticing what the hater had to say Mavi first asked for the opinion of his viewers whether he should just laugh it off or retort with abuses. After leaving the decision on his chat, he asked the hater to stick around and listen to his response before leaving.

"Chat tell me, should I just answer, ignore, or laugh at it," said Mavi, before deciding to answer the hater, "Brother, this is that achievement which by mistake if your dad would have attained, you would not have felt the need to come to my chat. Your life would have become that good at least."

In the response above Mavi was referring to his runners-up finish at the PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East (PMWL 2020: East) when he used to represent a team called Orange Rock.

"Coming to someone's chat is fine but at least you would not have felt the need to become a hater and feel jealous of anyone. Also, whoever is your idol you can also tell them to keep themselves in check and evaluate whether it is easily possible or not," added Mavi.

Note: The related segment starts from 00:38 onwards.

The achievement that Mavi is talking about is certainly the best that an Indian battle royale player from India has obtained till now in the international scene.

However, this is not the only accolade in his collection of trophies and that is exactly what he goes on to point out next. Instructing the hater to do more research and check "both sides of the pages that he is referring to" instead of staying fixated on that one tournament.

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