Complete List of Teams Qualified for M4 World Championship


List of Teams That Have Qualified for the M4 World Championships

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The M4 World Championship will feature 16 MLBB teams from around the world competing for the title of world champion.
The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will have no representatives in this world series.
Myanmar and Mekong make a comeback in the M4 World Championship.

The M4 World Championship is the most anticipated esports event in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community. The tournament shall feature the best teams from across the world competing for the prestigious world championship title and the lion’s share of the $600,000 USD prize pool. The M4 World Championship is  set to be held at a physical location in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are some changes regarding the participating regions this year compared to the previous M3 World Championship. With the addition of new regions, some regions will not be participating in the event. However, all official Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) regions are given a slot for the upcoming world series event.

M4 World Championship regions and qualified teams

  1. Blacklist International (MPL PH Season 10)

  2. ECHO (MPL PH Season 10)

  3. ONIC Esports (MPL ID Season 10)

  4. RRQ Hoshi (MPL ID Season 10)

  5. Team HAQ (MPL MY Season 10)

  6. Todak (MPL MY Season 10)

  7. RSG SG (MPL SG Season 4)

  8. RRQ Akira (MPL BR Season 3)

  9. Burn x Flash (MPL KH Autumn Split 2022)

  10. Occupy Thrones (MPL MENA Fall Split 2022)

  11. Falcon Esports (M4 Myanmar Qualifier)

  12. MDH Esports (M4 Mekong Qualifier)

  13. Incendio Supremacy (MLSL Season 1)

  14. The Valley (NACT Fall 2022)

  15. S11 Gaming Argentina (MLSL Season 1 Champion)

  16. Malvinas Gaming (MLSL Season 1 Runner-up)

All 16 slots have been filled. The list of participants are now finalized and will compete in the upcoming M4 World Championship.

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will have no representatives for the first time in the history of the M-Series event. The region had two representatives in the previous iterations of the event.

Singapore will now only have one representative for the upcoming M4 World Championship. Myanmar and Mekong make a major comeback in the upcoming tournament after being absent last year.

For a much more detailed view of the upcoming M4 World Championship tournament such as format, match results, schedule, and more, fans can check the following link.

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