LolzZz Talks About His Dream of Competing in BGMI Esports

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LolzZz Talks About His Dream of Competing in BGMI Esports



During his recent stream, LolzZz jumped at the opportunity at expressing his desire to compete in BGMI LAN events.
The Godlike creator shared that although he doesn't have a team yet, he's ready to put in all the effort as a competitive player once the game comes back.

On his latest live stream, Yash “LolzZz” Thacker expressed his desire to compete in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) LAN events. However, he refrained from disclosing under which banner the creator would take part in competitive events. Although he’s on GodLike’s roster of creators, GodLike’s BGMI esports lineup is currently brimming with talent and it is unlikely for ‘LolzZz’ to find a spot for himself in it. 

LolzZz’s desire to compete in BGMI Esports

Although Yash ‘LolzZz’ Thacker gained popularity as an entertainer, his main focus has always remained in becoming a competitive player. So even though he maintains a very casual and positive vibe during his streams, he jumped at the opportunity of expressing his love for the professional circuit. “It is my dream to compete in LANs. And I will play LANs. It requires some grind with a proper team and all, but I’ll start after the game (BGMI) is back,” he said.

However, LolzZz then went on to add, “Now, which team will it be, that I won’t share. And I don’t know myself anyways.”

The story of LolzZz Gaming

If one takes a journey through his YouTube library, it is evident that even though he’s revered for his casual and entertaining attitude as a creator, he loves churning out pro-gaming content and continues to upskill himself to meet the competition. In a recent interview with Redbull, LolzZz was asked about his current lifestyle in the Godlike bootcamp. “My main role is content creation with Godlike esports. However, I do play custom matches and classic matches as well. We also exchange notes on gaming strategies and other things. Besides that, our creative videos are also very much liked by the audience,” he shared.

LolzZz Gaming started his YouTube journey on 27th March 2017. He says Dynamo and Kronten were his biggest inspirations to step into the realm of professional gaming. Initially he too suffered resistance in his family, until he convinced his parents his passion for gaming as his father decided to offer him INR 1.5 Lakh to assemble a gaming PC. He even dropped out of college to take on gaming as a full-time career and deliver on the promises he made to his family.

Today LolzZz dons a channel with 1.26 million subscribers featuring hundreds of videos. More importantly, he’s an official content creator of one of the most prominent orgs in India. His story is already an inspiration to thousands of Indian gamers out there and if he decides to bring the same passion in competitive gaming as well, the Indian gaming scene might end up with a new esports talent. 

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