Krafton Bans Four BGMI Teams From BGIS 2024 for Breaking Rules


Krafton Bans Four BGMI Teams From BGIS 2024 for Breaking Rules

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Krafton has revealed that Five Filter Esports, Instinct Outliers, Megastars Gaming and Tense Esports have been banned from BGIS 2024 for cheating.
All four teams’ points have been equally distributed among the rest of the teams for their respective groups.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 The Grind event has concluded. The Grind event was the qualifying event for the BGIS 2024 main event with a mix of 256 seasoned and underdog teams invited to compete within it. 

Krafton recently made a statement on its official Instagram account and revealed that four teams have been banned from the BGIS 2024 event for breaking its rules.

Four teams banned from BGIS 2024 main event

On 30th April, Krafton released an official statement on its Instagram account and said, “We are committed to maintaining a fair and competitive environment in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series ( BGIS) 2024. It is with regret that we must announce a significant decision affecting the integrity and fairness of the said competition. Five Filter Esports, INSTINCT OUTLIERS, Megastars Gaming and TENSE ESPORTS have been officially banned from participating in BGIS 2024 due to violations of the tournament's Code of Conduct/Ruleset. An investigation confirmed that these teams engaged in activities that directly violated these rules. The specific infractions involved using unauthorized software modifications and collaborating with other players equipped with cheating devices. These actions undermine the sportsmanship, integrity, and fairness that BGIS stands for.”

BGIS Banned Teams

“Effective immediately, Five Filter Esports, INSTINCT OUTLIERS, Megastars Gaming, and TENSE ESPORTS is disqualified from BGIS 2024, and all their results from the tournament will be nullified. We will also undertake a thorough review to determine if further sanctions are necessary, including potential bans from future events organized by Krafton.”

Points Redistribution

Krafton also revealed that the points gained by all four teams in The Grind event will be distributed equally among the other participants of their respective groups. “Due to the disqualification of these teams, their accumulated points will now be redistributed equally among the remaining teams in their respective groups. This decision is made to maintain the competitive balance within the group and ensure no team is unduly disadvantaged by the exclusion of a competitor.”

Updated Seedings

It has also been revealed that the overall standings of BGIS 2024 The Grind event have been updated to give every team a fair chance. “The seedings for the upcoming matches will be revised to reflect these new point totals. This re-seeding aims to ensure that all teams have equitable conditions for competition based on the updated standings. We urge all teams to review their new standings and prepare for their matches accordingly. The integrity of the competition is paramount, and we believe these adjustments will help preserve the competitive nature of our tournament. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate your commitment to fair play and sportsmanship. Best of luck to all teams as we continue with BGIS 2024.”

Tense Esports and Megastars Gaming were placed 6th and 21st after the conclusion of The Grind event and had also secured a spot in Rounds 4 and 3 respectively. On the other hand PL dominators placed 19th and got 2 extra points and climbed into the top 16 and grabbed a direct spot in Round 4.

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