Kelra Ecstatic as Omega Eliminates ECHO in the MPL PH Season 9 Playoffs

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kelra Ecstatic as Omega Eliminates ECHO in the MPL PH Season 9 Playoffs</p></div>

Kelra Ecstatic as Omega Eliminates ECHO in the MPL PH Season 9 Playoffs

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Omega Esports scored a 3-0 clean sweep victory against ECHO in the first day of the MPL PH Season 9 playoffs.
Kelra made a crying face gesture in response to Yawi's trash talk in their previous matches.
ECHO is officially eliminated from the tournament whereas Omega Esports shall face TNC Pro Team on the second day of the playoffs.

The first day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 playoffs stage started off on a high note as Omega Esports pulled off a huge upset against the super team, ECHO with a clean sweep victory. ECHO delivered an amazing performance throughout the series but was completely overwhelmed by Omega Esports' swift rotations and aggressive playstyle. Shortly after the series concluded, Omega Esports’ gold laner Grant "Kelra" Duane Pillas was seen poking fun at ECHO as his team celebrated its hard earned victory. Through a post-match press conference, the gold laner revealed that it was directed to ECHO’s roamer Tristan "Yawi" Cabrera.

Omega Esports predicted KarlTzy’s change of playstyle

One of the most noticeable changes to ECHO’s playstye was Karl "KarlTzy" Gabriel Nepomuceno’s shift in hero pool. The pro player also adjusted to the meta by using the Jungle Emblem, which KarlTzy previously refused to use as it doesn’t fit his playstyle.

However, despite ECHO’s improvement since the regular season, Omega Esports was able to deliver a 3-0 clean sweep victory and ended the super team’s grand finals dream. The post-match press conference revealed that the playstyle adjustment was anticipated by Omega Esports.

“When the regular season concluded, we already knew that KarlTzy would adjust to his heroes [pool],” stated Jomie "Pakbet" Abalos, Omega Esports coach. “They lost to jungle emblem [playstyles] from other teams a few times so we knew he would adjust his playstyle.”

KarlTzy was able deliver a stellar performance throughout the series, however, ECHO could not contest Omega Esports’ team fight dominance which prevented the super team from securing crucial objectives around the map.

After the match series ended, the super team was very emotional. Frediemar "3MarTzy" Serafico was crying due to his frustration of being the first team to get eliminated in the playoffs.

The ECHO squad was frustrated with their early exit in the playoffs.

On the other side, Omega Esports’ Kelra was ecstatic at winning the series with a clean sweep. The pro player was seen making a crying face to poke fun at ECHO who suffered one of its biggest upsets in the MPL PH Season 9. According to Kelra, the gesture was directed to ECHO's roamer Yawi as payback for their usual banter behind the scenes.

“During the regular season, he [Yawi] always trash talks me even during RG [Ranked Games],” stated Kelra.

When asked if Kelra thought he went too far with that gesture, he simply replied “No, it was alright.”

With this unexpected victory against the super team, Omega Esports’ mid laner Patrick "E2MAX" James Caidic thinks this should make TNC Pro Team aware of his team’s potential to take down top-performaing teams in the MPL PH Season 9.

“Because of the result where we 3-0 ECHO, our confidence got boosted a bit and I know TNC would fear our performance,” E2MAX said. “Maybe we could maximize that and outperform them.”

Omega Esports shall face TNC Pro Team on the second day of the MPL PH Season 9 playoffs stage which is on 29th April.

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