KarlTzy Shares His Plans After Achieving Two-Time MLBB World Championship Title



KarlTzy Shares His Plans After Achieving Two-Time MLBB World Championship Title

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ECHO jungler KarlTzy shared his plans after winning two MLBB World series titles.
According to KarlTzy, he would be glad to have another esports journey with his teammates if they wish.
KarlTzy jokingly stated that if he was given a tempting offer, he may consider joining another team.

ECHO Philippine’s star jungler Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno shared his plans after securing his second world series title in the M4 World Championship. According to the pro player, he is quite satisfied with his achievements so far. However, he is still open to aiming for another shot at a world series title if his team is still up for the challenge. KarlTzy also opened up about the possibility of joining other teams. According to him, he might be convinced to sign for another team if the offer is enticing enough for him. Nonetheless, he is happy to join ECHO for its next journey in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene.

After two world series titles, what’s next for ECHO’s KarlTzy?

KarlTzy is one of the most iconic junglers in the MLBB esports scene. The pro player won his first world series title under Bren Esports during the M2 World Championship. His achievement earned him his very own Bren Esports Lancelot skin, a hero he is known for which also earned him the title of “Karl-Tusok.” 

However, Bren Esports lost its momentum after the world series event, failing to qualify for the M3 World Championship where Blacklist International took the throne as the champion. As the team struggled to find its identity once again, KarlTzy decided to leave the squad and joined ECHO where he eventually got the chance to experience the world stage for the second time.

The team did not squander the opportunity and showcased its dominance against Blacklist International in the grand finals match to score a convincing 4-0 victory and claimed the M4 World Championship title.

Through a post-match press conference, KarlTzy reflected on his journey of achieving his second world title. According to him, the achievement is quite satisfying for him. However, it was not enough to convince him to step down from his career as a pro player.

“For now, I am very satisfied [of being a two-time M-series title holder], but I’m not sure about my teammates. If I can achieve it again or not, I would be glad to continue and play with them,” stated KarlTzy.

While he proclaims that he still wants another esports run with his teammates, the star jungler jokingly said that if the offer is right, he might consider joining another team. 

ECHO are the crowned champions of the M4 World Championship.


It will be interesting to see if ECHO can keep its momentum going and aim for another world series title in the upcoming M5 World Championship, set to be held in the Philippines in December 2023.

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