Which Hero is Receiving the ECHO-branded M4 Skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?



Which Hero Is Receiving the ECHO-branded M4 Skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

John Dave Rossel
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ECHO revealed which hero it agreed upon for choosing the M4 World Champion skin.
According to Yawi, Chou is the team's chosen hero due to his flexibility and usability in all roles.
Moonton is yet to confirm the hero who shall receive the ECHO-branded skin in MLBB.

As part of the perks of winning the M4 World Championship, ECHO Philippines (PH) has the privilege of having its very own Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) skin with the team’s branding on a hero of its choice. According to the squad, the hero Chou was chosen because it can be played in any role in the game. The skin will be the fourth world series skin to be released alongside M1 EVOS Esports, M2 Bren Esports, and M3 Blacklist International. 

While the potential ECHO-branded M4 skin has been revealed by the champions themselves, Moonton is yet to officially announce the upcoming world series skin.

ECHO revealed who is the chosen hero for the M4 World Champion skin

ECHO is considered “The House of Highlights” due to its players’ explosive playstyle and the wide variety of the team's hero pool. When the team finally won its first world championship, fans were curious as to which hero would receive the ECHO-branded M4 skin.

Through a post-match press conference, the team’s star roamer Tristan "YAWI" Cabrera revealed that the squad decided to choose Chou as the next world champion skin.

“Because Chou isn’t solely for one role, and we can all use it, it can be played in any role,” he said.

Chou is one of the most popular heroes in MLBB. The hero is commonly played in the roaming and jungle positions. This was proven by ECHO during the M4 World Championship where both Yawi and Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno used the hero. However, on specific occasions, the hero can be played in other roles such as Mid, EXP, and even Gold Lane. 

Players like ONIC Esports’ Adriand "Drian" Wong have used Chou in the Mid Lane. RRQ Hoshi’s Rivaldi "R7" Fatah has also flexed his Chou playstyle in the EXP Lane. While the Gold Lane Chou is quite rare as it is the lane for marksman heroes, Leonardo "Kabuki" Agung from Aura Fire has showcased his expertise with the melee hero in the said lane.

As the M4 World Champion, ECHO took home a $300,000 USD prize money with its star Gold Laner Bennyqt earning the Grand Finals MVP and the  $10,000 USD prize money.

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