Indian Mobile Esports Experts Evaluate BGMI's Success and Impact if It Returns

Do you think the game will be as successful as before?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Indian Mobile Esports Experts Evaluate BGMI Success And Impact If It Returns</p></div>
Indian Mobile Esports Experts Evaluate BGMI Success And Impact If It Returns


A few Indian mobile esports industry experts had a discussion accessing the success and impact BGMI could potentially face upon its return.
BGMI has now been absent for more than nine months and it has become a worrying cause for both fans and players.
The general take was that it would be difficult for BGMI to reach the pre-ban growth, reach, and success.

The continued absence of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is starting to take its toll on both the regional mobile esports audience and even some of the former professional players.

Amidst this wave of uncertainty about the game's return and a rally for players and fans to make the necessary switch, a discussion recently took place online between a few mobile esports experts assessing the success and impact the game could witness upon return.

The outcome as per most personalities was not positive, majorly due to the fact that this was the second overall ban this mobile title was facing by the Indian government.

Indian mobile esports personalities discuss the potential success that BGMI could witness upon its return

BGMI's current absence is now looming dangerously close to a whole year and the hope is diminishing rather quickly across professional players, content creators, and fans of the game.

Kuldeep Lather - Founder of Villager Esports, made a public statement yesterday on 17th May addressing the damage that has been caused to BGMI's brand following the second ban.

"It will be hard to engage the audience at the same scale this time around if (the) game comes and the longer it takes the harder it will get," said Lather while giving his opinion on how BGMI will face a tough time upon return.

Nizhum Karmakar - General Manager of TSM India, agreeing with Lather's statement opined that things would not be the same as BGMI was at its peak prior to getting banned.

"It was on TV being watched by millions. With this ban, there will be considerable damage. Pre-ban salaries won't make sense. Brands will think twice. If viewership goes down its gg. Will take a long time to recover," said Karmakar.

Lather added that it would take a few years for BGMI to get back to where it once was. So in the short run, it will not be great, but in the long run things will turn up.

Karmakar and Lather on BGMI potential future after return

Popular gaming-centric personality, Sagar Thakur more commonly known as Maxtern, was a man of few words but gave a hard statement that BGMI's pre-ban success was not hard but impossible to replicate unless developers bring back international matchmaking to the game.

Responding to this Lather simply said that there would be no such feature added to BGMI and this take seems to be sensible. Krafton is trying hard to keep in line with the guidelines of the Indian government and would not be willing to risk it by adding such a feature.

The discussion was short but impactful, showcasing what some of the industry experts are thinking about BGMI's return with respect to the competitive and business side of things.

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