Immortals Announces Wild Rift Roster With Mobile Legends Streamer Gosu Hoon as Midlaner


Immortals Announce Wild Rift Roster Featuring Mobile Legends Streamer Gosu Hoon

John Dave Rossel
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NA Organization Immortals announced its WIld Rift roster featuring MLBB pro player and streamer Gosu Hoon.
The organization is yet to announce its full roster.
Immortals is the third major NA esports organization to pick up a WR roster after Cloud9 and TSM.

The North American (NA) organization, Immortals, announced its entry into the League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift esports scene with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer and content creator SeongHun “Gosu Hoon” Jang as the team’s midlaner. Immortals is an esports organization with a wide variety of teams from esports titles such as LoL PC, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and Arena of Valor. On the other hand, Gosu Hoon is one of the most iconic Mobile Legends content creators due to his comedic yet impressive gameplays in his streams. Immortals is yet to reveal the full roster of its Wild Rift lineup.

Mobile Legends streamer Gosu Hoon switches to Wild Rift as Immortal’s midlaner

The big announcement was revealed on the official social media handles Immortals on 3rd August 2021, with the caption “IMT is about to get Wild. Welcome, @GosuHoonj!”. Immortals will be the third NA esports organization to establish its own Wild Rift roster alongside Cloud9 and Team Solomid (TSM).

Gosu Hoon, one of the most famous Mobile Legends streamers and content creators, was seen signing a contract in a short video showcasing Immortals’ Wild Rift entry.

According to Dotesports, Immortals has confirmed that it had signed a roster in the game.

Gosu Hoon started his career as a Mobile Legends content creator in 2019 and is consistently one of the top global players in the leaderboards. He is also a former pro player under his own team, Team Gosu, the only North American team that participated in the M1 World Championship 2019 (M1 2019).

Shifting his focus in the Wild Rift esports scene under the Immortals banner, he is currently ranked 1 Challenger in the NA server of Wild Rift for Season 2. According to his post, his most picked champions are Evelynn, Orianna, and Kennen

Growth of the Wild Rift Esports Scene in NA

The esports scene of Wild Rift is showing signs of life in the NA region with top-tier teams like Cloud9, TSM, and Immortals, joining the competition. Riot Games also has an ongoing esports circuit in the region titled Wild Rift Summoner Series, allowing teams to showcase their talents against the best teams in North America and prove they can keep up with the toughest teams in the region.

It will be interesting to see how well the team roster of Immortals will perform in the upcoming tournaments in Wild Rift.

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