iFlicks Tells Why Scout Should Not be Blamed for BGMI Tier 1 Scrim Slot Issue

How can this matter be resolved?!

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>iFlicks Tells Why Scout Should Not Be Blamed For BGMI Tier 1 Slot Issue</p></div>
iFlicks Tells Why Scout Should Not Be Blamed For BGMI Tier 1 Slot Issue


During a recent livestream session, iFlicks once again gave his opinion on the BGMI tier-one scrim slot issue.
However, this time he addressed that both Scout and Kartik (Upthrust Esports Founder) are not to be blamed for the slot controversy.
His final take on the situation was that it is indeed a 'friends backing friends' kind of a situation but he is not going to beg for a slot.

The viral unofficial tier-one Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scrims remain the hot topic within the regional mobile gaming community, due to all the controversies associated with it.

Despite increasing their slots from 18 to 24 to accommodate more teams and players, problems continue to grow for the practice scrim and those associated with organizing it.

In the midst of pointing fingers and highlighting the flaws, Nishant "iFlicks" Murlidharan - Head Coach of Hyderabad Hydras, while presenting his opinion on the matter explained why Tanmay "Scout" Singh and Kartik Sabherwal (Founder of Upthrust Esports) are not at fault when it comes to slot distribution for the tier-one BGMI scrim.

iFlick tries to explain why Scout and Kartik are not to be blamed for the slot distribution controversy

In the continued absence of BGMI and the anticipation of its return around the corner, every top organization, team, and player wants to be well rehearsed and prepared, to kick-start their competitive careers once again without facing any further setbacks.

This is one of the reasons why everyone wants to get involved in the unofficial tier-one BGMI scrim that is being held between some of the best teams from across the country in association with Upthrust Esports.

Of course, this has resulted in some teams and players being left out which has caused quite a commotion in the mobile esports community.

Speaking in regards to this during a recent livestream session, iFlicks mentioned that both Scout and Karthik are not to be blamed for them (Hyderabad Hydras) and other teams not getting one of the 24 slots.

"I wanted to speak my mind hence I said it, now it's over. I am not going to beg for a slot but I wanted to tell once what was going on, so I did that via a controversy and that is it," said iFlicks in regards to his earlier statements, further stating, "I have also spoken to Kartik from Upthrust Esports and after talking to him it is clear that he is not the one who is taking the decisions. I even spoke to Scout and he has actually created a group but doesn't have the time to manage everything. So he is also not the one who should be blamed going forward."

Revealing how things actually work when it comes to getting a slot in the BGMI scrim, iFlicks explained that you just send a message in the group and then whichever message gets enough support, on the basis of that a decision is taken and finalized.

"There is no set format or rule as such which has been mentioned. There is nothing like that sadly. So here, the main problem that has been created is friends backing friends kind of a situation," concludes iFlicks.

Note: The related segment starts from 07:40 onwards.

For now, two prominent teams that are still facing issues in regards to joining this BGMI tier-one scrim are Hydra Esports and Hyderabad Hydras. Hopefully, they will be included by those managing the practice sessions before the mobile battle royale returns!

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