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How to Get Criminal Mask & More Rewards in the Free Fire MAX Ghost Criminal Event

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Secure exclusive rewards like the Top Criminal Skyboard and Ghost Box.
Complete daily missions to accumulate Ghost Chips for free event items.
Decode stages and claim rewards in the Ghost Criminal event.

Embark on the Ghost Criminal event series, now debuting in Free Fire MAX, offering players the chance to engage in thrilling events and secure exclusive rewards. Completing daily missions is the key to acquiring these complimentary cosmetic enhancements. The initial campaign introduced under this event is the captivating 'Reveal the Criminal,' presenting participants with a trendy facemask, a Skyboard, and a gun skin—all available at no cost. Players simply need to amass Ghost Chips by fulfilling daily missions.

Detailed Insights into the Latest Ghost Criminal Event

The freshly unveiled web event housing an array of ghost criminal-themed items premiered on 17th November, within Free Fire MAX, extending its allure until 30th November, granting players an extensive window of opportunity. To partake, players must diligently collect Ghost chips through daily missions, which refresh every day at 4:00 AM.

Ghost Criminal Event Missions in Free Fire

Ghost Criminal Event Missions

Upon accumulating the requisite Ghost chips, players are tasked with inserting them and sequentially decoding each stage. This process unveils the Ghost criminal portrait while unlocking stage-specific rewards. Each chip insertion progresses the decoding, and players might also trigger a critical hit, hastening the overall decoding procedure. Once all stage rewards are claimed, players can continue inserting chips for repeatable rewards.

Ghost Criminal Event Rewards Pool in Free Fire

Ghost Criminal Event Rewards Pool

Comprehensive Prize Pool of the Ghost Criminal Web Event

  1. Stage 1 rewards: Gold Royale Voucher

  2. Stage 2 rewards: Diamond Royale Voucher

  3. Stage 3 rewards: Top Criminal (Ghost) Skyboard

  4. Stage 4 rewards: 3 Ring Vouchers

  5. Stage 5 rewards: Top Criminal Mask (Ghost)

  6. Stage 6 rewards: Trogon-Top Criminal (Ghost)

  7. Stage 7 rewards: Ghost Box

Claiming Rewards from the "Reveal the Criminal" Event

Follow these steps to seize your rewards from the "Reveal the Criminal" event within Free Fire MAX:

  1. Launch the Free Fire MAX app on your mobile device and locate the "Ghost Criminal" icon. Alternatively, access the event through the 'event' section.

  2. Navigate to the 'Reveal the Criminal' segment and gather Ghost chips.

  3. Insert the chips to unlock an array of thrilling rewards. Even after collecting all rewards, players can continue participating to obtain the coveted Ghost Box. Equipped rewards can be accessed from the "Vault" section.

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