Free Fire: Steps to Get Blue Flame Draco AK47 & Latest Evo Gun Skins from New Evo Vault Event

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire: Steps to Get Blue Flame Draco AK47 &amp; Latest Evo Gun Skins from New Evo Vault Event</p></div>
Free Fire: Steps to Get Blue Flame Draco AK47 &amp; Latest Evo Gun Skins from New Evo Vault Event


Free Fire

Exclusive Evo gun skins debut in Free Fire's Evo Vault event.
Random rewards include AK47 – Blue Flame Draco, Thompson – Cindered Colossus, and more.
Acquire Evo gun skins within 50 spins and equip them instantly in-game.

Garena, the developers behind Free Fire's immersive universe, has introduced the Evo Vault, a novel addition to the game's assortment of Luck Royales. This latest inclusion offers a consistent flow of exclusive in-game cosmetics, spotlighting four distinct Evo gun skins, most notably the revered Blue Flame Draco AK47.

Free Fire Evo Vault Event: How to Get Get Blue Flame Draco AK47

Event Kickoff and Rewards Unveiled

The grand debut of the Evo Vault event occurred on November 15, 2023, captivating players until November 28, 2023. The event promises participants an Evo gun skin within a maximum of 50 spins, heightening its appeal. Each spin requires 20 diamonds, while an amalgamation of 10+1 spins demands 200 diamonds. Every spin unlocks a random reward from the expansive prize pool.

List of Featured items in Evo Vault:

  • AK47 – Blue Flame Draco

  • Thompson – Cindered Colossus

  • M1887 – Sterling Conqueror

  • FAMAS – Demonic Grin

  • Token Crates tailored for specific skins

  • Luck Royale and Gold Royale Vouchers

  • Diverse in-game items like Bonfire, Pocket Market, Secret Clue, and Armor Crate

In the event of obtaining a duplicate Evo gun skin, players will receive tokens. Given the rarity of these skins, enthusiasts are advised to capitalize on the opportunity by investing in diamonds during the event's tenure.

List of Featured items in Evo Vault

Featured items in Evo Vault

Accessing the Evo Vault Event: A Step-by-Step Guide

For avid players seeking access to Free Fire's Evo Vault event and the acquisition of these exclusive gun skins, here's a comprehensive guide:

Step 1: Launch Free Fire and tap on the Luck Royale icon located on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Within the listed Luck Royales, locate and select the "Evo Vault" event.

Step 3: Initiate spins using diamonds; each spin will deduct the required currency and randomly draw rewards from the prize pool.

Upon securing an Evo gun skin, promptly equip it from the "Armory" section within the "Weapons" tab for immediate use.

In conclsuion, the Evo Vault event in Free Fire stands as a gateway to a trove of exclusive Evo gun skins, featuring illustrious items like the Blue Flame Draco AK47. From its commencement on November 15, 2023, until November 28, 2023, players can engage in spins, spending diamonds to secure these sought-after skins within a maximum of 50 attempts. With a diverse range of rewards available, including rare weapon skins, vouchers, and various in-game items, enthusiasts are encouraged to participate and make the most of this limited-time event. Accessible via the Luck Royale interface, this event offers players the chance to personalize their arsenal and elevate their gaming experience in Free Fire.

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