How to Get Bear & Bull Bundle from Free Fire Fighter Ring Event


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How to Get Bear & Bull Bundle from Free Fire Fighter Ring Event

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Exclusive Costumes Await: Dive into Free Fire's Fighter Ring event for premium Bear and Bull Incarnate Bundles.
Spin for Rewards: Join the action with just 20 diamonds, unlocking Motorbike Speed and more.
Universal Tokens Exchange: Exchange tokens for coveted items like Bull Incarnate Bundle and unique accessories.

Freee Fire enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Fighter Ring event takes center stage, introducing a slew of captivating Fighter-themed outfits. Among the coveted prizes are the Bear Incarnate Bundle and the Bull Incarnate Bundle, both exuding a premium allure that beckons players to dip into their diamond reserves. These exclusive costumes boast special effects, elevating their appeal and making them a must-have for avid gamers. With a generous two-week window, participants have ample time to immerse themselves in the event and make informed decisions.

Event Timeline and Prizes for Free Fire Fighter Ring event

Marking its debut in the Free Fire MAX Indian server on March 7, 2024, the Fighter Ring event will run until March 20, 2024. The spotlight shines on two grand prizes: the Bear Incarnate Bundle and the Bull Incarnate Bundle. Each bundle comes with unique animations and appearances, promising a distinctive gaming experience. The event's prize pool extends beyond outfits, featuring exciting items like the Motorbike – Incarnational Speed and the Scythe – Incarnation.

How to Spin and Win

Participation in the Fighter Ring event requires spins, with a single spin costing a modest 20 diamonds. For those seeking an extended thrill, an 11-spin option is available at 200 diamonds. The array of prizes includes Universal Ring Tokens, serving as a gateway to an exchange system that opens up a world of possibilities.

Fighter Ring event page in Free Fire

Fighter Ring event page

Universal Ring Tokens Exchange

The Universal Ring Tokens can be exchanged for coveted items, offering players flexibility and control over their rewards. Noteworthy exchange rates include 250x Universal Ring Tokens for the Bull Incarnate Bundle and an equivalent amount for the Bear Incarnate Bundle. Additionally, players can acquire the Scythe – Incarnation, Motorbike – Incarnational Speed, and other items using varying amounts of Universal Ring Tokens.

Steps to get the Bundles from Fighter Ring Event

To embark on this thrilling journey and claim rewards, players should follow a straightforward three-step process. First, open Free Fire MAX and navigate to the Luck Royale section. Second, choose the Fighter Ring event from the array of options. Finally, engage in spins using diamonds to secure the coveted Bear Incarnate Bundle and other exciting rewards.

As the Fighter Ring event unfolds, Free Fire aficionados can anticipate a riveting gaming experience, with exclusive outfits and enticing prizes awaiting those who dare to spin and win.

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