Free Fire Offering Free Diamonds & Discounts in Latest Lucky Wheel Event


Free Fire

Free Fire Offering Free Diamonds & Discounts in Latest Lucky Wheel Event

Ahsan Kabir
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Participants can spin the wheel for chance to win attractive items at discounted prices as well as free diamonds.
Event provides fun way for players to unlock expensive bundles for less diamonds.

Free Fire has introduced a fun new Lucky Wheel event where players can get various exciting rewards. To participate, players need to spin the wheel which costs diamonds. There are multiple wheel spin options: Free Daily Spin Players get one free spin every day. The rewards range from cool emotes, attractive bundles, surprise-filled loot crates, handy name change cards to even up to 99 diamonds. This offers a chance to get something nice for free.

How to Get Free Diamonds and Discounts?

All players will have a chance to do one free spin daily, where if they are lucky, can win 9 to 75 diamonds. If not, you can at least get a minimum of 60% discount on the items in the rewards list.

Discounted Spins After using the free spin, players can spin the wheel again at discounted rates ranging from 50-80% off. The cost of these discounted spins ranges from just 9 to 75 diamonds per spin based on the random discount generated.

New Lucky Wheel Event Page in Free Fire

New Lucky Wheel Event Page

Wide Range of Rewards The rewards from the spins include very appealing in-game items that players love to acquire. For example, the beautiful Magic Fox female bundle, the trendy Mewo unisex bundle which both male and female characters can wear, special gun crates, and various other expensive bundles costing hundreds of diamonds can be unlocked for much cheaper rates from these lucky draws. Some cool and funny emotes are also available as rewards.

Black White Meow Bundle in Free Fire MAX

Black White Meow Bundle

Tentative List of Rewards

Note that rewards list may very from player to player excepting the main items. Tap the refresh button to see new items in the spin.

  • Black White Meow Bundle

  • Pickup Truck - What Chu Meowing At

  • Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate

  • Graceful Beast Bundle

  • MC Funk Bundle

  • Gloo Wall - Angel with Horns

  • Violet Fear Weapon Loot Crate

  • Loot Box - Bathing Ducky

Overall, this fun Lucky Wheel event provides Free Fire players an entertaining way to get valuable in-game cosmetics and items by spinning a wheel of fortune. Participants can acquire certain expensive and high-end bundles and items at huge discounts compared to their market price in the regular in-game store. It's not everyday you see Free Fire Offering Free Diamonds. It definitely encourages more engagement and gameplay as players try their luck to see what cool rewards they can randomly get.

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