How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire MAX


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How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire MAX

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Better Together Event: Play, collaborate, and unlock the exclusive Buttercup Dusk bundle or 10 Diamond Royale vouchers.
Free FF Gold: Join the 'Daily Gold Drop' event, play matches, and earn up to 1000 FF Gold.
Stylish Rewards Await: Complete challenges, help teammates, and claim the Buttercup Dusk bundle for free!

Free Fire continues its tradition of introducing stylish outfits through community events. Following Valentine's Eve, developers have launched a series of events offering free collectibles. Among them is the ongoing Better Together event, which provides players with the opportunity to obtain the Buttercup Dusk bundle for free. To acquire this exclusive bundle, players need to participate in a straightforward challenge, earning valuable rewards in the process.

Better Together Event Details

The Better Together event commenced on February 13, 2024, and extends for another 16 days until February 28, 2024. True to its name, this event encourages players to collaborate and play together to unlock exciting freebies. Players can choose from various game modes, breaking free from mode restrictions. The highlight of the event is the Buttercup Dusk bundle, although players may also opt for an alternative reward – 10 Diamond Royale vouchers, a deal valued at nearly 200 diamonds.

Better Together Event in Free Fire

Better Together Event

Event Requirements and Rewards

To make the most of the Better Together event, players need to meet certain requirements by helping their teammates during gameplay. The rewards are as follows:

  • Help-Up 6 teammates: Receive 2000 FF Gold

  • Help-Up 12 teammates: Acquire 4x Gold Royale vouchers

  • Help-Up 18 teammates: Obtain the coveted Buttercup Dusk bundle or opt for 10 Diamond Royale vouchers

Steps to Claim Your Free Bundle:

To access the event and secure the Buttercup Dusk bundle for free, follow these steps:

  1. Open Free Fire MAX on your device and log in to your Free Fire account.

  2. Select a game mode and team up with friends, assisting up to 18 teammates to unlock all event rewards.

  3. Navigate to the event section and choose the 'Better Together' event. Claim your rewards for free, celebrating your successful collaboration.

Daily Gold Drop Event in Free Fire MAX

Apart from the Better Together event, players can also accumulate FF gold through the 'Daily Gold Drop' event. FF gold holds significant value in Free Fire MAX and can be used in various in-game features such as gold royale events, luck royales, and shops. By participating in Free Fire matches, players can earn up to 1000 FF gold through this daily event, providing additional resources for their gameplay.

By following these steps and actively participating in the events, players can enhance their gaming experience in Free Fire MAX while acquiring exclusive rewards.

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