How Can Teams Benefit From AFK Gaming’s BGMI Leaderboards?

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AFK Gaming BGMI Leaderboard


AFK Gaming’s leaderboard rankings are a way for fans, teams, players and tournament organizers to keep a close eye on the teams that have been showing consistent or exceptional performances across multiple tournaments.
The rankings are decided on various factors with some of the major ones including the size of the prize pool for an event, the nature of the event (LAN or not), whether it is a Krafton event or not, and so on.

The Indian esports scene has seen a huge surge in fan engagement and viewership since the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in India. The game has played a major role in the success of many content creators as well as esports athletes.

For fans to keep up with the top BGMI teams’ overall performance, AFK Gaming has released a BGMI leaderboard ranking. The rankings depict a team's overall performance taking several factors into considerations which are directly or indirectly connected to the teams. Some of the major factors that influence the rankings are the size of the prize pool for an event, the nature of the event: official or third party events, and more.

Behind the Leaderboard: The Impact of Team Rankings in BGMI Esports

Impact on Tournament Invitations and Seeding: The rankings can play a major role when it comes to invitational tournaments. Teams who are placed in the top 24 or 32 are most likely to get invited to the invite only tournaments and major BGMI events due to their consistent performances across multiple events. The rankings will also help in grouping and seedings of the teams as the top ranked teams can be expected to be given first priority.

Influence on Sponsorships and Brand Deals: The leaderboard rankings will play a major role in giving exposure to upcoming teams who have performed consistently. Sponsors and Brands looking out for the best teams in the scene will always have an eye on the leaderboards for teams who have been making their mark in the scene through their performance and fan engagement. Sponsorships and brand deals help players maintain financial stability over a period of time. 

Fan Engagement and Community Support: Fans have played a major role in the growth of the esports scene in India. Having a large fan base boosts the growth of not only a team but also the individual players on the team. The leaderboard rankings will help fans follow and support upcoming teams who have been showing consistent performances and also indirectly increase viewership of live events.

Player Motivation and Team Dynamics: The leaderboard rankings will help players and teams pave a way forward and improve their performances. Seasoned teams will gain insight into their performance through the leaderboards and can self-reflect on the changes that they need to make going into further tournaments. The leaderboard rankings will also help teams who are placed outside the top 10 to improve their performance whereas the teams placed at the top of the table can also be motivated to continuously perform and retain their top spot.

How is a team's ranking on the leaderboard decided?

A BGMI team's ranking on the leaderboard is decided and affected by factors related to its performance in significant BGMI esports tournaments. The team rankings depict an overall picture of a particular team’s performance. The ranking indicates the consistency of a team’s performance across multiple tournaments.

For example, Blind Esports, at the time of writing, is placed second on the leaderboard rankings but could not go over Gladiators Esports despite consistently performing in various third party events since BGMI’s unban in May. However, it was not able to do the same in some of the major events like Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 2023 where it placed ninth. This was the key factor pushed it to second place.

If a team consistently performs well through multiple major tournaments, you can see it climb the tables.

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