Hoon Talks About Kairi Solo Carrying ONIC Esports During M4 World Championship



Hoon Talks About Kairi Solo Carrying ONIC Esports During M4 World Championship

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Hoon does not believe that Kairi solo carried ONIC Esports during the M4 World Championship.
According to Hoon, all members of ONIC Esports contributed to the team's matches.
Hoon explained that fans only thought Kairi was carrying the team because ECHO opted to ban most of Kairi's comfort picks and won.

The Valley’s Mid Laner Jang "Hoon" Seong-hun shared his thoughts on ONIC Esports’ performance during the M4 World Championship. While fans think that the Indonesian squad’s star jungler Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol was the only one doing the heavy lifting during the tournament, Hoon thinks that was not the case. According to The Valley’s Mid Laner, every ONIC Esports member contributed to the team’s performance in the tournament. Fans only thought Kairi was solo carrying the squad because most teams focused on banning his comfort picks. 

The Valley was one of the teams who suffered a defeat at the hands of ONIC Esports. The North American squad lost with a 1-3 score in the lower bracket stage of the M4 World Championship.

Hoon talks about ONIC Esports’ performance in the M4 World Championship

Kairi is arguably one of the most explosive junglers in the M4 World Championship. The pro player is widely known for his impressive use of assassin heroes and for spearheading ONIC Esports to a dominant run in tournaments. Due to his overwhelming presence in games, fans coined the term “Kairi Esports” as they think he is solo carrying the Indonesian squad.

According to The Valley’s Hoon, Kairi can’t possibly solo carry a game as all of ONIC Esports performed well in the world series event.

“It’s not just Kairi that is carrying the team which is somewhat true to certain extent but just the team is great,” he said.

“This game is just not [a] one-man-carrying game. Everybody needs to play their [part], right? To win the game,” Hoon added.

The Valley’s pro player further elaborated that fans only thought Kairi was carrying ONIC Esports because ECHO chose to ban his assassin heroes as a strategy to suppress the Indonesian squad’s jungler.

“They make it out of the name [Kairi Esports] because ECHO banned three assassins and they [ONIC Esports] got [dominated] by ECHO,” explained Hoon. “That’s why they’re saying Kairi’s just a one-man carry but he’s really not.”

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