Hector Explains How PMWI 2022 and BGMI Ban Shaped Team SouL’s Mentality

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In a recent livestream, Team SouL’s Sohail “Hector” Shaikh stated that the team had a weak mentality before BGMI’s ban.
He added that the team observed and learned a lot of things related to personal lives and the game, which improved its mentality.
He talked about how PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 has helped the team gain experience.

Team SouL’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Sohail “Hector” Shaikh recently shared that the BGMI ban period and representing India on the global stage of PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 has influenced Team SouL’s mindset. Hector highlighted that the ban period provided the team with an opportunity to observe and learn a lot of things. He added that PMWI 2022 has also helped the team to gain experience and taught it how everything works. He expressed the team’s commitment to utilizing their acquired knowledge and experience to perform their best after the game’s potential return.

Hector shares insights on growth during the BGMI ban period and playing PMWI 2022

In a recent livestream, one of Hector’s viewers asked him how his schedule looked before the suspension of BGMI. Responding to this, Hector stated that his schedule was very stressful. He mentioned that they had matches all day, which left little to no time for other work. He added that despite having access to a gym, he and his team were often too tired from playing the game to go workout. As a result, they would miss their gym sessions.

Hector explained before BGMI’s suspension, Team SouL had a weaker mentality. “However, in the ban period, we have observed a lot of things, understood a lot of things, and got to learn a lot of things; related to our personal lives, as well as related to the game. As a result, our mentality has improved,” he added.

Hector stated that getting the opportunity to participate in the PMWI 2022 was an excellent opportunity for the team, which worked well for them. “It gained us a massive experience of how everything works and all. So, hopefully, when the game returns, we will give our best,” he added.

Within four months of its inception, Team SouL put on an incredible performance and emerged as the champion of the BGMI Pro Series, which granted the team a slot on the global stage of PMWI 2022. Despite the lack of international exposure for almost two years due to PUBG Mobile’s ban, the team demonstrated an impressive performance throughout the tournament and finished in 11th position. 

Notably, prior to the game’s ban, Team SouL was arguably one of the strongest teams in India. Through the experience and understanding the team has gained it will be exciting to see how the players perform in the domestic and international tournaments after the game’s potential return. 

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