Hadji Takes a Shot at Dogie for His Prediction About the 31st SEA Games


Hadji Takes a Shot at Dogie for His Prediction About the 31st SEA Games

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International's Hadji calls out Dogie for his hot take regarding Sibol's odds of winning in the 31st SEA Games MLBB event.
Blacklist International and the official page of the MPL PH deactivated their Instagram handles without explanation.
Dogie revealed that he made the hot take to build up hype and make the MLBB community tune in to the event.

Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio had provided a hot take regarding Blacklist Sibol’s odds of winning in the 31st SEA Games' Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) event. He claimed that the Blacklist Sibol squad only had a 10% chance of winning the Gold medal. Sibol’s Blacklist squad did indeed win the Gold medal and thwarted the odds put forth by Dogie. Shortly after dominating the grand finals match against the Indonesian team, the Philippines (PH) Sibol MLBB’s Mid Laner Salic “Hadji” Alauya Imam called out Dogie for not believing in the Philippines representatives. Amidst the celebration, Blacklist International and the official page of the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) PH deactivated their Instagram handles without explanation. Fans speculated that this was done so as to prevent both social media handles from being mass reported by toxic fans.

Dogie explains the reason for his hot take and congratulates Sibol MLBB squad

After silencing doubters with a solid 3-1 victory against the Indonesian squad, the Blacklist Sibol proudly waved the Philippines banner. The team defended its title from the previous 2019 SEA Games by winning another Gold medal for the country.

Through a post-match interview, Sibol MLBB’s Hadji proudly made a shoutout to one of the most influential celebrities that hyped up the 31st SEA Games MLBB competition. “Shoutout to Dogie, you're the only one who is afraid [of Indonesian teams],” stated Hadji while the Filipino crowd in the stadium started yelling “10 Percent!”

Through a report from Manila Bulletin, Dogie expressed that “the 10 percent was the love for the game and they executed it very well.”

He added that he only made that bold statement to hype up the MLBB community. “Even if I become the antagonist, if it will put some excitement to the people, eagerness to watch and participate [in] the hype train, it’s a win-win situation,” stated Dogie.

Blacklist International and MPL PH deactivate Instagram handles

Shortly after the hype surrounding the Medal win of the Sibol MLBB squad, the Instagram handles of the MPL PH and Blacklist International were mysteriously deactivated. Both organizations did not officially reveal the reason for deactivating their social media handles.

Fans speculated that this was a countermeasure to prevent toxic fans from mass reporting the social media handles, similar to the incident when Blacklist International's Instagram account was temporarily suspended due to toxic fans mass reporting it.

Comments talking about bitter fans.

Blacklist International and the MPL PH assured fans that their Instagram handles will be back in operation soon enough. For now, they will be keeping a low profile.

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