Hades Expresses His Thoughts on New State Mobile’s Esports Ecosystem in India


Hades Expresses His Thoughts on New State Mobile’s Indian Esports Ecosystem

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In a recent livestream, Vinay “Hades” Rao, head of esports at Orangutan Gaming, discussed the esports ecosystem of New State Mobile in India.
Hades revealed why Indian esports organizations are hesitant to sign a roster for the game.
He also stated that Orangutan Gaming shall soon discuss a potential New State Mobile roster.

Vinay “Hades” Rao, head of esports at Orangutan Gaming, recently hosted a “Just Chatting” session during a livestream on his YouTube channel. The title of the livestream was “NEW STATE,” and the aim of this livestream was to communicate to his audience about a potential Orangutan Gaming New State Mobile roster. During this session, Hades discussed the esports ecosystem of New State Mobile in India and why Orangutan Gaming and other Indian esports organizations are hesitant to sign rosters to compete in this game.

Hades reveals why organizations are not keen on signing New State Mobile rosters

ESL India and Nodwin Gaming recently announced the Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile Open India on 30th November, featuring a massive prize pool of $123,000 USD (INR 99,75,060). Talking about this, Hades said, “Snapdragon was planning to organize a tournament for either Free Fire or BGMI, but since both the games are unavailable, it decided to go ahead with New State Open. So, that is a massive push for New State Mobile.” Following this, he added, “If the game gets the same push even after BGMI returns, it will be very good for organizations as well as the players.”

GodLike Esports recently announced that it had signed a New State Mobile roster. However, not many organizations have signed players to compete in the esports ecosystem. Hades explained why Orangutan Gaming has not yet signed any roster and why other organizations are also hesitating. “If we have to pick a lineup just for one or two tournaments, that will be a risky move, I think. That’s why I’m also thinking about whether I should sign or not. I have very good players waiting for the offers, but I don’t just want to sign them and leave after one or two tournaments.”

One of his viewers informed him that S8UL Esports was also not signing any roster for the same reason. Hades responded, “Every organization has the same problem.” Following this, he rhetorically asked, “If organizations officially announce their New State Mobile roster, and BGMI returns and New State Mobile gets down, then what would they do with their rosters?”.

“It doesn’t feel right to pick players and drop them because the game is not performing even when the player is performing well. I think that’s why most organizations are also waiting and analyzing if they should sign a roster. We will also have a call, and hopefully, we’ll get this done,” he added.

Amid the unavailability of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire, other esports titles have been relishing the spotlight. Recently, The Esports Club also organized the New State Open, which featured a humongous prize pool of ₹10,00,000 INR ($12,383 USD). Furthermore, a lot of pro players, including Anubhav “Esca” Dobhal, left BGMI to pursue a career in New State Mobile. However, it will be hard to say if the game will have the same hype even after the return of BGMI and Free Fire.

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