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GodLike Reflexer Named MVP of SPS New State Mobile India Open Grand Finale

The champion among the best.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Reflexer from GodLike Esports was named as the MVP of SPS New State Mobile India Open Grand Finale.
Reflexer secured 29 finishes and dealt 4958 damage for GodLike Esports during the Grand Finale.
Reflexer was awarded a cash prize of INR 3,20,000 for winning the MVP award.

The Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) New State Mobile India Open was ongoing for over a month and concluded on 29th January with Team XO walking away as the champion.

However, among the 64 competing for their respective sides in the Grand Finale stage of the tournament the player that truly outshined the rest was Reflexer (Rohan) from GodLike Esports.

The talented athlete was named as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of SPS New State Mobile India Open Grand Finale for securing a total of 29 finishes for his team while dealing 4958 damage to opposing players.

Reflexer from GodLike Esports shines bright at the SPS New State Mobile India Open Grand Finale

It is not everyday that you get a chance to deliver your absolute best and get rewarded for it, but Reflexer made sure that his beastly performance was noted by everyone present at the LAN tournament.

Despite finishing as the runner-up along with his team GodLike Esports, Reflexer's impact was astounding and helped carry his team from fifth to second place on the points table in a span of just six matches.

GodLike Reflexer - MVP of SPS New State Mobile Open India LAN Finale

The talented player secured a total of 29 finishes, which makes up for about 32% of the total frags secured by his team during the Grand Finale stage.

This might not look like a lot, but Reflexer's individual performance helped GodLike Esports to push forward as they scored a total of 50 points on the last day of the tournament, missing the top spot by a difference of just three points!

Usually, the player from the winning team is named as the MVP but Reflexer's contribution and stats were so good that despite finishing second he was awarded the trophy for the best player of this tournament. Additionally, he also received an individual cash prize of INR 3,20,000 for his efforts, motivating him further to work hard on his skills and continue upholding such performances in upcoming events as well.

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