Godlike Amar Responds to Soul Aman’s Comments

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Soul Aman and Godlike Amar</p></div>
Soul Aman and Godlike Amar
While playing BGMI Soul Aman was asked by his random teammates how to grow on Youtube using BGMI and he answered their queries.
After having his say, some viewers in the chat started spamming Godlike Lolzzz’s name as they thought Aman was targeting him and Godlike Amar then responded to the issue.

Content creators always try to find a way to attract an audience and create a loyal fan base for themselves. There are several ways in which this can be done. A creator either should be engaging, connect with the viewers, and provide entertainment. Another way is for one to possess amazing gaming skills which can be showcased to attract viewers. 

Recently in a live stream, Soul Aman “Aman” Jain was talking about how to grow on Youtube. When he mentioned some of the ways to grow using Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the viewers in his chat started spamming a particular content creator's name. Godlike Amar “Amar” responded to the issue and also made some comments.

Godlike Amar responds to Soul Aman  

There are many ways used by content creators to grow on Youtube. Some prefer to provide entertainment by playing variety games while others prefer to master a single game and showcase their skills.

In a recent live stream, Aman was playing BGMI with random teammates and they asked him several questions regarding BGMI and also how can one use BGMI to grow on Youtube. Aman replied to them and said that there are many ways a creator can grow his channel. He said that a creator needs to be engaging, entertaining and should connect with the audience or one should possess amazing game skills through which he can attract viewers. Aman said that to grow using games such as BGMI one needs to be thoroughly entertaining or should have skills which will impress the audience or one needs to find in-game teammates who support him while playing and also help to provide content. After this comment many people in his chat started spamming Godlike Yash “Lolzzz” Thacker’s name as the viewers thought Aman was talking about Lolzzz.

Godlike Amar in his recent stream was asked about Aman’s comments, to which he responded and said, “You guys can ask Lolzzz. There were many things said about Lolzzz such as he kills bots and his content should be entertaining and so on. I am shocked that you guys even have time to watch Lolzzz’s videos. Only if you watch his videos you will get to know if he kills bots or players and also who supports him in-game. If you watch his videos then you can also learn and kill forty-fifty enemies”.

Aman again responded to the issue and cleared the air and said that everything that happened was a misunderstanding and the things he said  were not targeting any particular creator. He said, "My teammates asked me a few questions and I answered their queries. I talked to Lolzzz about the issue and I said to him that I always admired him and his gameplay because of his nature which is similar to mine."

According to Aman everything has been sorted out. Going further, everyone is hoping that this kind of misunderstanding does not occur again as it harms the relations between content creators.

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