Geek Fam Baloyskie Shares The Key to Defeating PH Teams in MLBB


Jonathan Liandi

Geek Fam Baloyskie Shares the Key to Defeating PH Teams in MLBB

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Baloyskie shared what he thinks is a good way to counter PH teams in MLBB.
According to Baloyskie, PH teams can be countered through unorthodox plays.
Baloyskie claims that being unpredictable can catch PH teams off guard.

Geek Fam’s star roamer import from the Philippines (PH), Allen "Baloyskie" Baloy shared what he believes is the key to defeating PH Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams. Through a YouTube podcast by Jonathan Liandi, the pro player shared that PH teams are more clinical with their plays, but they can be countered with aggression and unpredictability. According to Baloyskie, being reckless and simply engaging with little to no setup can heavily counter the PH teams’ more tactical approach in tournaments. This is due to the PH team’s expertise in macro play in terms of map control, objectives, and potential skirmishes.

Baloyskie talks about countering PH teams in MLBB esports

The Philippines is considered the strongest region in MLBB esports. Teams like Blacklist International and RSG PH have dominated the international scene. With the region’s dominance, it is a given that a lot of regions are looking to find a formula to take down the strongest teams from the Philippines.

Through a podcast titled “EMPETALK,” Geek Fam’s Baloyskie, who happens to be a Filipino import, shared what he thinks is one of the potential counters for PH teams.

“PH is more like a macro team, right? So, I try to just distract their playstyle and try to be more aggressive and try to be unpredictable,” said the star roamer. “I think that’s one of the [things] that makes us win,”

He added that being reckless in team fights has paid off for his team when fighting against PH teams. 

“Like, you know, if you want setup, I don’t want [to], let’s just go,” said Baloyskie.

Teams from the Philippines are known for their clinical “textbook” playstyle. Studying how the game works and following the meta accurately is one of their fortes. This is why Baloyskie thinks that catching them off guard through unorthodox playstyles and unpredictable engagements could hamper the PH teams’ momentum.

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