Garena Bans Indonesian Free Fire Player For Inappropriate Behavior At FFML S4 Div1


Garena Suspends Indonesian Free Fire Player for Inappropriate Behavior at FFML S4 Div 1

Indonesian Free Fire player SES Thanos has been officially suspended by Garena.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Garena has given an official competitive ruling against an Indonesian Free Fire player, SES Thanos for inappropriate behavior.
Thanos has been handed a four matchday ban from the currently ongoing Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 4 Division 1.
SES MIZU will have to play with either SES Frank or SES Notden during their star player's absence, who will be ready to join the team on 19th September.

The organizers of Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season 4 Division 1, Garena took a decision to suspend Indonesian Free Fire player, SES MIZU player, Thanos, on 22nd August, following his unsportsmanlike behavior. During the second day of the tournament, SES MIZU had engaged in a duel against AURA Ignite in-game, after an intense faceoff, SES MIZU came out on top and while celebrating, Thanos was caught showing his middle finger at the camera.

The inappropriate behavior was criticized by the community members and Garena came forward with an official competitive ruling against Thanos, banning him for the next four match days, until 19th September.

Garena takes action against SES Thanos for inappropriate behaviour

SES MIZU is an Indonesian Free Fire team under Saudara Esports. Its star player, SES Thanos has been suspended for almost a month by Garena following his inappropriate celebration antics. The four matchday ban might result in his team falling down from top of the Group-A leaderboard, as they currently lead with a total of 37 points to their name.

The incident occurred following SES MIZU's victory over AURA Ignite during their duel within the server, on the second day of the FFML Season 4 Division 1 tournament. While all the players from SES MIZU celebrated, Thanos showed unprofessional behavior in doing so.

Garena had immediately announced its official competitive ruling against Thanos, stating that,

"Today, August 22, 2021, the Competitive Ruling has been issued for etiquette violations in the form of Humiliation/Defamation and Unsportsmanlike Behavior in the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season IV Division 1 tournament.

The violation was committed by the SES THANOS player from the SES ALFAINK team on Regular Season Match Day 2 - Round 1.

The decision above ends with a Ban on Playing Sanctions against SES THANOS for the next 4 match days which will be passed by the SES ALFAINK (SES MIZU) team (Group A), namely Match Day 3, 4, 5, and 6. SES THANOS will only be allowed to play again starting Match Day 7 on September 19, 2021."

Note: The above competitive ruling has been translated from Indonesian to English via Google Translate.

SES Thanos is the star player of the team with 12 frags to his name after the end of Day-1. In his absence, SES MIZU will have to play with either SES Frank or SES Notden. The team will have to fight hard through the next four match days in order to maintain their lead or at least hold on to the top two spots in 'Group A'.

So far, no official statement regarding the matter has been made by either the organization or the player involved.

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