FwydChickn Calls Out MPL PH for Taking His Broadcast Comparison Out of Context

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>FwydChickn Calls Out MPL PH For Taking His Broadcast Comparison Out of Context</p></div>

FwydChickn Calls Out MPL PH For Taking His Broadcast Comparison Out of Context


FwydChickn voiced his concerns over the handling of his critique regarding the production quality of MPL PH and MPL ID.
FwydChickn stated that the broadcast shared his critique out of context which sparked unnecessary hate from fans.
FwydChickn stated that it is not the fault of the hosts or pro players but rather the production team of MPL PH Season 13.

In a recent development in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) community, Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl, an EXP Laner for Gaimin Gladiators (GG), voiced his concerns over the league's handling of his critique regarding its production quality. The dispute centers around comments made by Hohl, in which he compared the production standards of the MPL PH with those of its Indonesian counterpart, MPL ID, leading to a contentious exchange that escalated into accusations of misrepresentation by the league's production team.

Hohl's critique emerged from a comparison between the production values of MPL PH and MPL ID, praising the latter for its entertainment value and guest features. However, he claims that the narrative took a turn when MPL PH's Week 3 broadcast of Season 13 allegedly presented Hohl's remarks without full context, framing his comparison in a negative light towards MPL PH.

FwydChickn thinks MPL PH is causing unnecessary hate

Through a YouTube video posted on 8th April 2024, FwydChickn shared his qualms about how the MPL PH production took his previous statement out of context. The pro player recently shared how he thinks the MPL ID is more entertaining in terms of production quality and featured guests compared to MPL PH.

Following this video surfacing, the Week 3 broadcast of MPL PH Season 13 shared the below in an off-match segment of the livestream. 

FwydChickn thinks MPL PH is causing unnecessary hate

FwydChickn added that when this topic was brought up in the succeeding days in Week 3, his name was no longer mentioned. Rather, the hosts referred to him as “someone who said MPL PH is boring.”

He claims that his previous response video may be the reason why the broadcast no longer mentions his name whenever the topic is brought up. 

“They 100% know they are in the wrong but they want to play innocent by not saying my name anymore… but it’s too late now. They literally showed my M4 picture on the screen and put quote ‘FwydChickn said this,’ the day before,” he expressed.

“They think their audience and fans are that stupid to not be able to piece those two things together. The whole MPL livestream chat is literally spamming my name,” he added.

FwydChickn calls out MPL Production for manipulating fans through out of context statements

After sharing his thoughts on the drama, FwydChickn clarified that he is aware that it is not the fault of the hosts or pro players but rather the production team. 

“The people I am addressing are the ones who sit behind their computers and headsets coming up with their horrid ideas of production entertainment and just half-ass production overall,” he added.

He lamented that his critique, intended to highlight areas of improvement, was instead used to fan the flames of controversy, “This really isn’t new for anything drama-related, honestly it’s pretty typical. But this is a fucking entire professional league representing the country bro. Not to mention the current undisputed number 1 country in pro play,” he expressed.

He ended his statement by saying he finds it funny that an entire MPL production team would be petty about a 120k Subscriber YouTuber Pro Player who commented on the league’s production quality. 

As the community continues to digest the details of this controversy, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by professional esports leagues in navigating the complex interplay of player feedback, fan engagement, and production quality. Whether this will lead to changes in how the MPL PH addresses criticism and manages its public relations remains to be seen. Hohl, for his part, remains a vocal advocate for transparency and improvement within the league, even as he navigates the fallout from this latest controversy.

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