FwydChickn Claims MPL ID Is More Entertaining Than MPL PH


FwydChickn Claims MPL ID Is More Entertaining Than MPL PH

John Dave Rossel
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FwydChickn explained why he thinks the MPL ID livestream is more entertaining than the MPL PH.
According to him, the MPL ID's production quality as well as its off-match segments are better.
FwydChickn admitted that the MPL PH is better in terms of team gameplay and strategies.

Gaimin Gladiator’s EXP Laner Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl shared his thoughts about the two premier Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional Leagues (MPL) in the world. According to him, MPL Indonesia (ID) is much more entertaining to watch than MPL PH (Philippines), citing various factors such as the presence of featured guests and the overall production quality. While acknowledging the PH league's display of impressive plays and strategies, FwydChickn asserts that the ID league stands out for its superior entertainment value, making it a more captivating viewing experience overall.

FwydChickn prefers MPL ID over MPL PH, here’s why

Through a livestream, FwydChickn made a comparison between MPL PH and MPL ID livestreams. He shared how he prefers the Indonesian league as it is more entertaining than the other.

“I haven’t watched much of MPL PH cause I’ve always enjoyed MPL Indo more than PH,” the EXP Laner said. “But my team watches MPL PH a lot.”

FwydChickn explained why he prefers MPL ID than PH, claiming that the Indonesian league is much more entertaining to watch.

“I’ve always just gravitated towards Indo, it’s always been more entertaining. PH gets a little stale sometimes,” he explained.

Gaimin Gladiators" veteran player further elaborated that PH does have its strengths, particularly in showcasing impressive plays and strategies. However, he emphasized that, in his opinion, MPL ID consistently offers a higher level of entertainment value.

MPL ID has better production quality than MPL PH, says FwydChickn

Adding more comparisons, FwydChickn highlighted the differences in production quality between the MPL PH and the MPL ID, citing that he prefers the off-match segments that Indonesia does.

“Indonesia production is objectively better than PH, not even a joke… I’ll watch Indonesia between games actually for the cameraman and what they do between stuff. But in PH, I just click off, I don’t care” he explained.

“The difference is, in PH, a lot of times they interact more with the fans and I’m not hating on fans or anything but they’re not the same as interacting with content creators or pros and whatnot,” FwydChickn added.

Elaborating more on his claim, FwydChickn stated “Pros [and content creators], they know how to entertain, that’s like their job, so they know how to keep an audience. But PH, a lot of times I see them go to fans… they don’t know how to be entertaining because they’re just nervous and stuff.”

He clarified that his statement was not meant to offend MPL PH fans but to explain how MPL ID excels in keeping its viewers entertained between matches. 

At the time of writing this, the MPL PH Season 13 is currently heading into its third week with the next match scheduled for 5th April 2024 between RSG PH and Minana EVOS.

Meanwhile, the MPL ID Season 13 is in its fourth week with the next match scheduled for 30th March featuring AURA Fire vs Geek Fam.

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