From Farming Crops to Farming in Mobile Legends: How Esports Shaped CHMA's Life



From Farming Crops to Farming in MLBB: How Esports Shaped CHMA's Life

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CHMA shared his life before he became an MLBB esports pro player.
CHMA is currently the Jungler of Team Flash KH.

Team Flash Cambodia's (KH) seasoned jungler, Sour "CHMA" Mara, has been a stalwart competitor in the big leagues since 2022. Since the team’s breakthrough performance in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) KH Autumn 2022, CHMA has consistently proven himself as an invaluable asset to Team Flash KH. Serving as the team's primary jungler, CHMA has remained a cornerstone figure, demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication.

Currently, he is competing in the MPL KH Season 6, vying for both the esteemed championship title and a coveted slot in the upcoming Mobile Legends Mid Season Cup (MSC) 2024, scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia. 

In a media interview, CHMA opened up about his profound passion for esports, detailing the challenges he has faced and his relentless pursuit of greatness, underscoring his unwavering commitment to success.

CHMA sacrificed school for his esports dream

Born into a family of rubber and potato farmers in the province, CHMA's was an avid gamer in his younger days. According to him, he used to skip school just to join tournaments, which his parents did not like.

“At first when I joined esports, they were not really happy because I needed to halt my studies and skip my class just to have time to train and play in tournaments. So, yeah, they’re not so happy,“ he expressed.

CHMA sacrificed school for his esports dream


As CHMA's esports career flourished, his parents gradually recognized the challenges inherent in the path he had chosen. Yet, they came to understand that it was the path that brought him true happiness, a realization that brought them joy as well.

Throughout his esports journey, CHMA held onto a pivotal piece of advice from his parents: to never neglect his studies. Despite pausing his academic pursuits for the past two years, he remains steadfast in his intention to resume his education and pick up where he left off in due time.

“After I changed teams and became more and more successful, it made them happy. They still tell me to study and I will follow that,” he shared.

CHMA has a lot of ambitions 

Aside from sharing his esports journey, CHMA also opened up about his ambitions in life back when he was still in school. According to him, singing and content creation were some of his dream careers.

“When I was at school, I had so many dream jobs like being a singer, I wanna be a content creator, I want to be a YouTuber also because when I was a child I watched YouTube so I just want to be a YouTuber.,” he shared.

He added that he may be pursuing those dream jobs when he finally decides to retire from being a Mobile Legends pro player. But for now, he aims to make a name for himself in the esports scene.

CHMA has a lot of ambitions 


How esports changed CHMA’s life for the better

Through esports, CHMA was able to fund his personal needs, provide for his family and support his little sister’s study.

“I have my little sister, I always send her money and buy materials for her studies. Sometimes if she needs money I would give as much as I can, he said. “Before, I got money from my parents, but now I can earn it by myself and I share it [with my parents],”

How esports changed CHMA’s life for the better


CHMA also addressed how he was able to buy a new iPhone 15 Pro Max with the money he earned in his esports career. According to him, this may be his most expensive purchase just yet as he does plan on buying a house in the future once he has saved enough.

“I want to buy a house, that’s my plan now but I need to earn more,” he stated.

The seasoned jungler clarified that money is not his top priority right now as he aims to gain more achievements.

“Money is important but I don’t focus on that now because I want to win more achievements,” he shared.

When asked if he would be willing to go abroad and play for another country just to achieve his goals, he confidently stated that “I want to play in other regions. If other regions recruit me, I will go to get a new experience and know how to live abroad.”

Team Flash KH, alongside CHMA, is on a journey to claim the MPL KH Season 6 trophy. The stakes are high this season as the crowned champion will advance to the MSC 2024 where the team will fight for the lion’s share of the $3 million USD prize pool. 

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