Free Fire Uzi Royale: Get Space Expedition Mini Uzi; Check Cost & Attributes


Free Fire Uzi Royale

Free Fire Uzi Royale: Get Space Expedition Mini Uzi; Check Cost & Attributes

Ahsan Kabir
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Uzi Royale in Free Fire MAX runs for Three More Days - Ends on March 2, 2024.
Spin the Uzi Royale for Mini Uzi skins at just15 diamonds per spin or 150 diamonds for 11 spins.

The latest Uzi Royale event in Free Fire is all about scoring premium skins for the Mini Uzi. With four stylish variations and the standout Space Expedition Mini Uzi, players are eager to try their luck by spending diamonds. This guide provides an overview of the event's prize pool to help players make informed decisions before investing.

Availability of Space Expedition Mini Uzi

The Space Expedition Mini Uzi is currently accessible in Free Fire MAX. Launched on the Indian server on February 27, 2024, the Uzi Royale event will be active for four more days. Among the grand prizes are four premium mini Uzi skins: Mini Uzi – Space Expedition, Mini Uzi – Space Trip, Mini Uzi – Space Voyage, and Mini Uzi – Phoenix Knight. Each skin boasts a captivating appearance and powerful attributes.

Attributes of Mini Uzi – Space Expedition

The spotlight of the Luck Royale is on the Mini Uzi – Space Expedition, distinguished by its puzzle-like body. The attributes include increased damage, expanded magazine capacity, and a slightly reduced movement speed. This makes the Mini Uzi – Space Expedition a formidable choice in gameplay, addressing the traditional weaknesses of the Mini Uzi.

Diamond Requirements in Free Fire Uzi Royale

To obtain the coveted Mini Uzi – Space Expedition and other skins, players can make spins at the cost of 15 diamonds for one spin or 150 diamonds for 11 spins. Additionally, a guaranteed reward is granted for every 50 spins, requiring a total investment of 750 rupees to secure at least one grand prize from the event.

UZI Royale Event page in Free Fire

UZI Royale Event page

Reward List for Uzi Royale Event:

  1. Mini Uzi – Space Expedition

  2. Mini Uzi – Space Trip

  3. Mini Uzi – Space Voyage

  4. Mini Uzi – Phoenix Knight

  5. Lucky Red (Top)

  6. Crazy Samba

  7. Holiday Seasons (Bottom)

  8. Snow Day (Bottom)

  9. Black Running Shoes

  10. Black Tech Shoes

  11. Time Bender Backpack

  12. Stillness Skyboard

  13. Various Weapon Loot Crates

  14. Other Ordinary Items

Steps to Participate

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and navigate to the Luck Royale section.

  2. Go to the Uzi Royale tab and use diamonds to make spins.

Follow these steps and increase your chances of acquiring the coveted Space Expedition Mini Uzi and other exclusive skins in the Free Fire Uzi Royale event.

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