Free Fire Bony Ring Event: Get Merry in the Bones Bundle and More; Check How


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Free Fire Bony Ring Event: How to Get Merry in the Bones Bundle & More

Ahsan Kabir
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Unleash the skull-themed frenzy with exclusive rewards in Free Fire MAX's latest event!
Secure exclusive Bony Ring rewards by strategically spending diamonds – 20 diamonds per spin!
Event lasts only until March 5, 2024!

The Bony Ring event has made its way into Free Fire MAX’s servers It has brought in a variety of skull-themed items in the game. Those rewards are very premium so players have to shell out their diamonds to get one of those. Also, the event allows redeeming the universal ring tokens if one misses the desired reward.

All you need to know about the Free Fire Bony Ring

The Bony Ring event launched in Fire MAX India on February 21, 2024, and will be available in the game till March 5, 2024. Players can make spins to draw rewards from the prize pool. The cost to make one spin is set at 20 diamonds whereas 11 spins require 200 diamonds. The main theme of the rewards is colour full skulls. The colour combinations of the rewards are insane. Players will surely stand out from the crowd by owning those outfits. The main attraction is the Merry in the Bones bundle. It has a skull head with vibrant colour combination costumes.

Rewards available in the new Bony Ring event

  • Merry in the Bones bundle

  • Speed of memory motorbike

  • Loot box in the Bones

  • Neon Bones Backpack

  • 1x Universal Ring tokens

  • 2x Universal Ring tokens

  • 3x Universal Ring tokens

  • 5x Universal Ring tokens

  • 10x Universal Ring tokens

  • 100x Universal Ring tokens

Bony Ring event page in Free Fire

Bony Ring event page

The rewards will be given randomly so players have to utilize their universal ring tokens. The exchange interface of Bony Ring is available through the ‘Exchange’ button available at the top. Players can access the section and utilize their collected tokens or already-owned ones. The exchange prices of premium items are:

  • 200 universal tokens: Merry in the Bones bundle

  • 50 universal tokens: Speed of memory motorbike

  • 40 universal tokens: Neon Bones Backpack

  • 30 universal tokens: Memory Celebration grenade

  • 20 universal tokens: Loot box in the Bones

  • 20 universal tokens: Recollective Kactus

  • 10 universal tokens: Neon Bones parachute

  • Ordinary items

Steps to access the event and get Bony Bundle

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and then tap the ‘luck royale’ option. After that click the “Obtain” button to reach the Bunny Ring.

  • Step 2: Spend diamonds to receive your desired Merry in the bones bundle.

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