Free Fire UMP x AWM Ring Event: Rewards, Cost; All You Need to Know

Ahsan Kabir
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire UMP x AWM Ring Event: Rewards, Cost; All You Need to Know</p></div>
Free Fire UMP x AWM Ring Event: Rewards, Cost; All You Need to Know


Free Fire

UMP x AWM Event brings exclusive gun skins and varied rewards from October 21-November 3.
Players utilize diamonds for spins, with options of single or bonus-inclusive 10+1 packages.
Accrued Universal Ring Tokens can be exchanged for premier items, enhancing gaming arsenals.

October has ushered in a wave of excitement for Free Fire enthusiasts. The much-anticipated "UMP x AWM Ring Event" is set to captivate players from October 21st to November 3rd, 2023. A blend of exclusive gun skins and assorted rewards await those who partake in this festive offering.

Event Highlights: Free Fire UMP x AWM Ring Event

Every event in Free Fire offers a chance to enhance one's gaming arsenal, and this event is no exception. The shining stars this time around are the UMP – Tiger Papercut, UMP – Gatos Papercut, AWM – Mossy Vinehorn, and AWM – Iron Etherhorn gun skins. But the lure doesn't stop here; a slew of smaller prizes are also up for grabs.

How to Engage: The Spin Mechanism

Players can dive into the action by employing diamonds for spins. Modeled after popular spin-to-win events, participants have two enticing choices:

  • Opt for a single spin at a cost of 20 diamonds.

  • Go big with the 10+1 spins package priced at 200 diamonds, adding a bonus spin to the mix.

Each spin promises one item from an ensemble of 14, featuring both grand prizes and varying denominations of Universal Ring Tokens.

Item Catalogue & Exchange Dynamics

Spinning might land you directly with one of the prime rewards. However, if fortune plays coy, there's a backup. Accrued Universal Ring Tokens can be swapped for these top-tier items and more. Here's a detailed list of exchangeable items:

  1. UMP – Tiger Papercut: 225 Tokens

  2. UMP – Gatos Papercut: 225 Tokens

  3. AWM – Mossy Vinehorn: 200 Tokens

  4. AWM – Iron Etherhorn: 200 Tokens

  5. UMP – Zebra Papercut: 175 Tokens

  6. UMP – Grizzly Papercut: 175 Tokens

  7. AWM – Crimson Fire: 175 Tokens

  8. AWM – Titanium Warhorn: 175 Tokens

  9. Name Change Card: 40 Tokens

  10. Room Card (1 Match): 15 Tokens

  11. Cube Fragment: 5 Tokens

  12. Futuristic Weapon Loot Crate: 4 Tokens

  13. Pumpkin Flames Weapon Loot Crate: 4 Tokens

  14. Flaming Skull Weapon Loot Crate: 4 Tokens

  15. Swagger Ownage Weapon Loot Crate: 4 Tokens

Strategy Tips for Players

While snagging the premier gun skins is an alluring prospect, seasoned players might strategize to acquire these through direct spins. This would allow them to leverage their Universal Ring Tokens to procure a broader spectrum of rewards.

In wrapping up, the UMP x AWM Ring Event stands as a testament to Free Fire's commitment to enriching player experience. Be it the gun skins, the spin thrill, or the diverse rewards, this event has sown seeds for a fortnight of frenzied gaming action.

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