Free Fire OB42 Update to Introduce Heal On the Go; Check How Will it Work


Free Fire OB42

Free Fire OB42 Update to Introduce Heal On the Go; Check How Will it Work

Ahsan Kabir
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Mobile healing in Free Fire's October update enriches strategic gameplay, offering healing while standing or crouching.
Characters like Alok and Chrono synergize well with mobile Med Kits, enhancing agility and battlefield sustenance.

The realm of Free Fire is on the verge of witnessing a transformative feature that is set to redefine the gaming experience. Previously, the utility of Medipacks was restricted to stationary characters, curbing healing strategies considerably. The update slated for October 31, 2023, however, is bringing a refreshing change. According to FreeFire Mania, players will now have the capacity to employ Med Kits whilst on the move, in both standing and crouching positions.

Free Fire OB42 Update Adds Heal on the Go

The introduction of on-the-go Medical Kits is a much-awaited transition in Free Fire, liberating players from the necessity of seeking cover or facing vulnerability while using their Med Kits. This novel feature facilitates players in tending to their injuries while staying mobile, injecting a new level of dynamism and vigor into the matches.

With the October 2023 update, the ease of utilizing Medi Kits anytime adds a layer of choice, enabling players to strategically decide the opportune moments for healing without breaking the battle flow. Although, it’s crucial to mention that employing Medical Kits while running remains off the table, keeping strategy at the core of gameplay.

Characters Suited for Mobile Healing:

  1. Alok:

    • With his ability to create an aura that increases ally movement speed and restores HP, Alok can further capitalize on the mobile healing feature, making an agile healing duo.

  2. K:

    • K’s ability to restore EP (Energy Points) can be a good pairing with mobile healing, allowing for a more sustained presence on the battlefield.

  3. Chrono:

    • His ability to create a force field while increasing movement speed could be synergized with mobile Med Kits usage, offering both protection and healing on the move.

  4. Dasha:

    • Dasha’s reduced damage and recoil control can be beneficial while utilizing Med Kits on the move, especially in heated exchanges.

The new mobile healing feature is not just a stand-alone benefit but a potential synergy booster when paired with the right characters and tactics. As players explore these new horizons, adapting to the pace of battle while making smart healing choices will be the cornerstone of mastering this update.

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