Free Fire Thompson Royale Event: How to Get Galactic Panthera and Other Skins


Free Fire Thompson Royale Event: How to Get Galactic Panthera and Other Skins

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Free Fire Thompson Royale introduces four unique gun skins, including the dazzling Thompson – Galactic Panthera.
This is a limited-time event so participants only have two weeks to participate in it starting 16 March 2024.
Players can spend diamonds on spins to claim items from the prize pool, ensuring a chance to acquire rare skins.

Garena's penchant for Luck Royales continues with the introduction of the Free Fire Thompson Royale. This event offers players the chance to acquire specially themed gun skins.

The event features four distinct skins: Thompson – Galactic Panthera, Thompson – Dawnbreaker Lynx, Thompson – Firehound Jaguar, and Thompson – Hoarfrost Cheetah.

To obtain these rewards, participants must engage in spins using diamonds, each spin costsing 20 diamonds. Alternatively, players can opt for a bundle of 10+1 spins at the price of 200 diamonds.

Free Fire Thompson Royale Event: Duration and Rewards

The Free Fire Thompson Royale event kicked off on 16th March 2024, Saturday and will run for two weeks. Among the selection of rewards are coveted items such as outfit components, weapon loot crates, and more. The primary highlight remains the Thompson - Galactic Panthera skin, promising a truly galactic experience.

Free Fire Thompson Royale Event: Complete Rewards List

Here are the notable rewards from the Free Fire Thompson Royale event.

  • Thompson – Galactic Panthera

  • Thompson – Dawnbreaker Lynx

  • Thompson – Firehound Jaguar

  • Thompson – Hoarfrost Cheetah

  • Various outfit components

  • Weapon loot crates featuring exclusive skins

  • Miscellaneous in-game items

Free Fire Thompson Royale

Free Fire Thompson Royale event page

How to Participate in Free Fire Thompson Royale Event

To participate in the Free Fire Thompson Royale event, players can follow these simple steps.

  1. Launch the Free Fire game and navigate to the in-game Luck Royale section.

  2. Locate the ongoing events list and select the Thompson Royale.

  3. Choose between the available spin options.

  4. Purchase spins using diamonds to unlock rewards from the prize pool.

Equip Your Rewards: Once players secure any of the Thompson gun skins, they can easily equip them by accessing the "Weapons" tab within the game.

While ensuring to manage your diamond reserves wisely, don't miss out on the chance to test your luck in the Free Fire Thompson Royale event. With an exciting array of rewards on offer, including the visually stunning Thompson – Galactic Panthera skin, it's an opportunity worth seizing.

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