Free Fire Streets Ring Event: How To Get Streets Bundle and More


Free Fire Streets Ring Event: How to Get Streets Bundle and More

Ahsan Kabir
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Free Fire MAX Streets Ring event offers Streets Bundle and Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle as main prizes.
Grand prize guaranteed after 250 spins, a hefty price but rewards unique items.
The event runs from 14 to 28 March 2024, a two-week window to obtain the treasures.

Free Fire MAX players are in for a treat as the game introduces a new event that offers a chance to acquire coveted cosmetic items. The "Streets Ring" event, which runs from 14th to 28th March 2024, allows players to spin for a variety of rewards, including the highly sought-after Streets Bundle and the Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle.

All You Need to Know About Free Fire Streets Ring Event

Diamond Spin Cost and Grand Prizes

To participate in the event, players need to spend diamonds, with each spin costing 20 diamonds or the option to purchase 11 spins for 200 diamonds. The spins will grant random rewards, with the grand prizes being the aforementioned bundles. However, if players don't land the grand prize, they can exchange accumulated Suit Tokens for other desirable items from the exchange section.

Exchange Section Offerings

The exchange section offers a wide array of cosmetic items, ranging from bundles and backpacks to weapon skins and consumables. Among the notable offerings are the Street Thug Bundle, which can be redeemed for 300 Suit Tokens, the Trendy Clubber Bundle for 250 Tokens, and the Fullmetal Lightning Backpack for 60 Tokens.

Redeeming Suit Tokens for Various Items

Players can also exchange their Suit Tokens for various other items, such as the Pan–Sauce Swagger melee weapon skin for 30 Tokens, the Street Dominance Parachute for 15 Tokens, and even a Name Change Card for 40 Tokens. Additionally, the event features a range of consumable items, including Cube Fragments, Weapon Loot Crates, and various in-game utilities like Armor Crates, Supply Crates, and Bounty Tokens.

Free Fire Streets Ring Event page in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Streets Ring Event page

Token Exchange Price and Respective Rewards

  • 300 Suit Tokens: Street Thug bundle

  • 250 Suit Tokens: Trendy Clubber bundle

  • 60 Suit Tokens: Fullmetal Lightning backpack

  • 30 Suit Tokens: Pan–Sauce Swagger

  • 15 Suit Tokens: Parachute-Street Dominance

  • 40 Suit Tokens: Name change card

  • 15 Suit Tokens: Room Card (1 Match)

  • 5 Suit Tokens: Cube Fragments

  • 4 Suit Tokens: The punishers Weapon loot crate

  • 4 Suit Tokens: Spikey Spine

  • 4 Suit Tokens: Ice blossoms

  • 4 Suit Tokens: Cannibal crush

  • 1 Suit Token:  Armor crate

  • 1 Suit Token:  Supply crate

  • 1 Suit Token:  Leg pockets

  • 1 Suit Token:  Pocket market

  • 1 Suit Token:  Bonfire

  • 1 Suit Token:  Airdrop aid

  • 1 Suit Token:  Secret clue

  • 1 Suit Tokens:  Bounty token

Note: While the event presents an exciting opportunity to acquire rare cosmetic items, it's essential to note that players are guaranteed to receive a grand prize only after 250 spins, which can be quite costly. Therefore, players must exercise caution and spend their diamonds wisely, considering the value they place on the available rewards.

Steps To access the Streets Ring event

  1. Open the Free Fire MAX application and select the "Luck Royale" icon.

  2. Choose the "Streets Ring" event from the available options.

  3. Start making spins by spending diamonds and accumulate Suit Tokens.

  4. Visit the exchange section to redeem your Suit Tokens for desired items.

With the Streets Ring event, Free Fire MAX continues to offer players new and exciting ways to customize their in-game experience, catering to their desire for unique and stylish cosmetic items.

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