Free Fire Max: Claim the Free Floral Tribute Parachute Skin With These Steps


Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Max: Claim the Free Floral Tribute Parachute Skin With These Steps

Ahsan Kabir
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Free Fire MAX's "Easier With Friends" event offers a free Floral Tribute Parachute.
Play with friends and complete tasks to claim multiple rewards, including gun crates.

Introduction In the quest to keep players engaged, Free Fire MAX developers frequently introduce new events that offer various rewards. The latest event, Easier With Friends, is part of the Team Up Challenge and provides players with the chance to win the Floral Tribute Parachute skin along with multiple gun crates.

The Easier With Friends Event

The Easier With Friends event was launched on August 3, 2023, and will be available until August 7, 2023. Players have the opportunity to complete certain tasks to claim the Floral Tribute Parachute skin for free. The tasks involve playing the game for specific durations or teaming up with friends in matches.

Requirements of the Easier With Friends Event To acquire the rewards from the Easier With Friends event, players must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Play for 100 minutes or assist teammates five times – Reward: 2x SCAR Blood Moon Weapon Loot Crate.

  2. Play for 210 minutes or play eight games with friends – Reward: Floral Tribute Parachute.

Steps to Obtain the Floral Tribute Parachute Skin

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to collect the Floral Tribute Parachute skin in Free Fire MAX through the Easier With Friends event:

Step 1: Sign in to your account and complete the required tasks within the given time frame.

Step 2: Once the tasks are completed, navigate to the event section to claim your rewards.

Step 3: Click on the calendar option on the left to access the event tab.

Step 4: From the horizontal menu, select the Team Up Challenge tab and then the Easier With Friends event.

Step 5: Click the claim button located on the right side of the Floral Tribute Parachute to obtain it.

Upon successfully claiming the Floral Tribute Parachute skin, you can equip it through the vault section of the game. Remember, the Easier With Friends event is one of the final events before the OB41 update, and players can also participate in the Play With Friends and Daily Missions events for additional rewards. The Play With Friends event offers the chance to win a free AN94 – Bliss Popper, while the Daily Missions provide Leg Pockets as rewards for completing simple daily tasks. Both these events will conclude on August 7, 2023, so don't miss the opportunity to collect these free rewards.

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