Free Fire MAX TWIST Top-Up Extravaganza: Unlock Chroma Twist Emote and Rubescent War Bundle!


Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX TWIST Top-Up Event: Unlock Chroma Twist Emote and Rubescent War Bundle!

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Grab the sought-after Chroma Twist emote and stunning Rubescent War bundle!

Garena has introduced the Free Fire MAX TWIST Top-Up event, offering players a chance to obtain exciting rewards, including an exclusive Chroma Twist emote and the Rubescent War bundle. The event commenced on August 1, 2023, and will run until August 24, 2023. In this article, we delve into the details of the event and how you can participate to claim the rewards.

Discover the TWIST Top-Up Event

The Free Fire MAX TWIST Top-Up event features various thresholds that players must meet to receive enticing rewards. Each purchase of diamonds contributes towards fulfilling the requirements. Here are the milestones and the corresponding prizes:

  1. Purchase 100 diamonds - Earn the Free Chroma Twist emote.

  2. Purchase 300 diamonds - Get the Rubescent War (Top) outfit.

  3. Purchase 500 diamonds - Obtain the Rubescent War (Bottom) outfit.

  4. Purchase 700 diamonds - Acquire the Rubescent War (Mask) accessory.

  5. Purchase 1200 diamonds - Receive the Rubescent War (Head) gear.

The good news is that these requirements are cumulative, meaning any diamond purchase counts toward all the rewards. Thus, if you make a 1200-diamond purchase, you will unlock all the items. Since the event runs for a considerable duration, you have ample time to acquire the necessary diamonds.

TWIST Top-Up Even

TWIST Top-Up Event in Free Fire MAX

Diamond Prices on the Indian Server

For Indian players, the price of diamonds varies depending on the number of diamonds purchased:

  • 100 diamonds at ₹80

  • 310 diamonds at ₹240

  • 520 diamonds at ₹400

  • 1060 diamonds at ₹800

  • 2180 diamonds at ₹1600

  • 5600 diamonds at ₹4000

To claim all the event items, you only need to purchase 1200 diamonds. You can opt for a 1060-diamond pack and complement it with another purchase of 310 diamonds or repeat two packs worth INR 80. Although diamonds may be more expensive than memberships, the additional rewards from the top-up event make it a rewarding choice.

How to Participate and Claim Rewards

Follow these steps to participate in the Free Fire MAX TWIST Top-Up event and claim your rewards:

  1. Step 1: Access the top-up section within the game and purchase the required number of diamonds.

  2. Step 2: Once the diamonds are added to your account, navigate to the events tab and select the TWIST Top-Up section.

  3. Step 3: Click on the eligible rewards' button on the right side to claim them.

  4. Step 4: Access the vault section in the game to equip the emote and the Rubescent War bundle.

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