Free Fire Holi Royale Event: How to Get Jock Shock Bundle, Scythe Techno, & More


Free Fire Holi Royale Event: How to Get Jock Shock Bundle, Scythe Techno, & More

Ahsan Kabir
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Free Fire's Holi Royale event celebrates Holi with themed items like Jock Shock Bundle and Scythe - Techno.
Accessible without diamonds, players can participate using gold for spins, ensuring inclusivity in the festivities.
With guaranteed rewards within 100 spins, the event offers limited-time treasures, urging players to seize the colorful extravaganza.

In celebration of the upcoming festival of colors, Garena has introduced the Free Fire Holi Royale Event, Among the array of themed items, there are standout cosmetics like Jock Shock Bundle and Scythe - Techno.

Unlike many events, this one doesn’t demand diamonds; instead, players can engage in spins using gold, making it accessible to all.

In this article, we take a look at all the items in the reward pool, and guide you on how to claim them all.

Free Fire Holi Royale Event: Schedule and Diamond Spin Requirement

With a duration of just two weeks, the Holi Royale event urges gamers to act swiftly to seize the offered treasures. Since its inception on 15th March 2024, Free Fire players have been immersed in a colorful whirlwind of costumes, skins, and more. Notably, Garena guarantees players an outfit within 100 spins, enhancing the festival's allure.

List of Rewards Free Fire Holi Royale Event

Among the plethora of rewards featured in the Holi Royale event, standout items include:

  • Scythe - Techno

  • Jock Shock Bundle

  • Prismatic Warrior Bundle

  • Jeep - Holi Swagger

  • Backpack - Techno Joy

  • Technocity Banner

  • Technojoy Avatar

  • Funfair Hare (Top) - 3/7/15 Days

  • Funflair Hare (Top) - 3/7/15 Days

  • Hotshot Male (Top) - 3/7/15 Days

  • Dazzling Diva (Head) - 3/7/15 Days

  • Diva Dip Dye - 3/7/15 Days

  • Diva Dreadlocks - 3/7/15 Days

  • Hotshot Male (Bottom) - 3/7/15 Days

  • Hotshot Female (Bottom) - 3/7/15 Days

  • Armor Crate

  • Supply Crate

  • Leg Pockets

  • Pocket Market

  • Bonfire

  • Airdrop Aid

  • Secret Clue

  • Bounty Token

Scythe - Techno skin in Free Fire MAX

Scythe - Techno skin

Steps to access the Holi Royale Event Page

To partake in the festivities and reap the rewards, players can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Free Fire on your mobile device.

  2. Navigate to the Luck Royale section and locate the Holi Royale event.

  3. Choose your preferred spin option and spend gold to unlock rewards.

Once obtained, players can equip their rewards through the Weapons and Vault tabs, enhancing their in-game experience.

In addition to the Holi Royale extravaganza, Free Fire enthusiasts can also indulge in the Thompson Royale event, offering a range of themed gun skins for the iconic SMG, further enriching their overall gaming experience.

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