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Free Fire FFWS Ring Event: How to Get Legendary Bundles and More

Ahsan Kabir
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Exclusive Dune Konqueror Bundle and Navy Starsea bundle up for grabs!
Utilize ring tokens to exchange for your preferred event items.
Access the event via Free Fire MAX and win rewards by making strategic spins.

Free Fire, the renowned battle royale game, introduces the exhilarating FFWS Ring event, showcasing a host of premium collectibles to its players. This latest Luck Royale features the coveted Dune Konqueror Bundle, alongside other prized possessions like the Navy Starsea bundle and more. Participants can engage in this event by utilizing diamonds for spins, promising an array of rewards. The event spans nearly two weeks, granting enthusiasts ample time to partake and excel.

Event Details and Rewards

The FFWS (Free Fire World Series) Ring event made its grand debut on 17th November, exclusively on the Free Fire MAX Indian server, and is slated to run until 30th November. Offering two spin options, players can opt for a single spin costing 20 diamonds or leverage 200 diamonds for 11 spins.

FFWS Ring Event in Free Fire

FFWS Ring Event

Rewards are randomly drawn from a comprehensive prize pool that encompasses several coveted items:

  • Dune Konqueror Bundle

  • Galaxy Konqueror Bundle

  • Navy Starsea bundle

  • Rage Konqueror bundle

  • Mauve Konqueror Bundle

  • Drachen fist

  • Idol tokens in varying quantities

Post spins, the most frequently acquired item tends to be the ring tokens, pivotal for redeeming desired items. Players can navigate to the 'exchange' icon within the FFWS ring event interface to access a selection of items available for exchange:

  • Drachen fist: 200 tokens

  • Rage Konqueror Bundle: 160 tokens

  • Mauve Konqueror Bundle: 160 tokens

  • Dune Konqueror Bundle: 160 tokens

  • Navy Starsea bundle: 100 tokens

  • Galaxy Konqueror Bundle: 100 tokens

  • FFWS Iceblue avatar/banner

  • Name change card, Room card

  • Magic cube fragments, Weapon loot crates

Accessing the FFWS Ring Event and Securing Rewards

Follow these simple steps to immerse yourself in the FFWS Ring event and claim your rewards within Free Fire MAX:

  1. Launch Free Fire MAX and navigate to the "Luck Royale" icon situated on the left-hand side.

  2. Select the enticing FFWS Ring event from the options displayed.

  3. Initiate spins using diamonds, while strategically utilizing the universal tokens to secure your desired items.

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