Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11): Check Rewards, Cost & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11): Check Rewards, Cost &amp; More</p></div>
Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11): Check Rewards, Cost &amp; More


Free Fire

Free Fire's November Booyah Pass introduces thrilling 'Rise of Puppets' theme with exclusive rewards.
New event 'Rise of the Puppets Ring' offers reduced-rate Booyah Pass and exciting prizes.
Season 11 Booyah Pass available: Premium at 499 Diamonds, Premium Plus for 999 Diamonds.

The latest season pass for Free Fire, named the Booyah Pass, is now accessible for players in November 2023. This eleventh edition of the pass introduces a fresh theme titled "Rise of Puppets," adding an exciting twist to the game's aesthetics and rewards.

Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11) Availability Period

Starting from November 1, 2023, players can embark on gathering unique, theme-based cosmetic items. These items will be up for grabs until the end of the month, November 30, 2023.

Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11) Key Rewards and Tiers

The Free Fire Booyah Pass offers a plethora of distinctive items, divided into free and premium categories, rewarding players as they progress through different levels.

Season 11 Booyah Pass in Free Fire

Season 11 Booyah Pass

Free Tier Rewards

  • At Level 10: Cool Puppet Skyboard

  • At Level 20: Rise of the Puppets Banner

  • At Level 50: Not Your Puppet Mask

  • And many more up to Level 91, featuring various items and tokens.

Premium Tier Rewards

  • Commences at Level 1 with the Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate

  • Level 10 features the Marionette Fantasy Bundle

  • Advancing to higher levels unlocks additional bundles, tokens, and unique items such as the Puppet Chopper and Your Puppet Backpack

  • Concluding at Level 150 with the Dance Puppet, Dance emote and additional tokens.

Free Fire Booyah Pass November 2023 (Season 11) Price and Upgrades

Season 11 Booyah Pass Price in Free Fire&nbsp;

Season 11 Booyah Pass Price

The Booyah Pass comes in two premium versions for November 2023. The standard Premium Pass costs 499 Diamonds, whereas the Premium Plus variant is priced at 999 Diamonds, offering an immediate boost of 50 levels.

How to Upgrade

  • Access the Booyah Pass section within the game

  • Choose the "Upgrade" option and select your preferred pass variant

  • Complete the purchase to upgrade your pass

Special Event: Rise of the Puppets Ring

In tandem with the pass, a special event named "Rise of the Puppets Ring" offers a chance for players to obtain the Booyah Pass at a reduced rate. This event is a Luck Royale format, where players can spin for 9 Diamonds or opt for a 10+1 spins deal at 90 Diamonds. Prizes range from various amounts of BP Ring Tokens to Booyah Pass Premium Plus. These tokens can also be exchanged for items within the event's duration

The Free Fire Booyah Pass for November 2023 brings a fresh and engaging theme with a variety of rewards to enhance the gaming experience. With detailed information on pricing, rewards, and how to upgrade, players are all set to dive into the new season and maximize their in-game potential.

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