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Free Fire and Free Fire MAX Removed From Apple App Store, Reasons Unknown

Free Fire officially not available for download on iOS devices.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX have been removed from the Apple App Store due to unknown reasons.
Further, multiple iOS users have reported that both the games have started crashing unexpectedly while some are even facing intermittent login issues.
The two titles are still available for all Android users via the Google Play Store.

One of the most popular mobile games in the world, Free Fire, has been removed from the Apple App Store globally. The reasons for the removal are not known at the moment. Even the newer improved version of the game, Free Fire MAX, which released in September 2021 is no longer available on the iOS marketplace.

Further reports state that multiple users, playing the two Garena titles on iOS devices, have started complaining about the game crashing, while some are even facing difficulties accessing the game itself.

Both the applications are still available for Android users via the Google Play Store and no such complaints have come forward from these users.

Free Fire and Free Fire MAX unexpectedly removed from Apple App Store

The Free Fire players are surprised to find out that both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX have been unexpectedly removed from the Apple App Store without any official reason being announced by Garena.

No search results are being displayed to the iOS users upon searching for the respective titles on the platform. While the game is no longer available for downloading officially across all iOS devices, a number of users that already have the titles installed are reporting intermittent login issues and random game crashes.

Reasons for the removal have not surfaced so far, as neither Garena nor Apple have come forward with any explanation on the matter. However, the developers have acknowledged the issue via a public statement they made through its official Facebook page.

Official statment by Garena on the issue

This means that the two Garena titles have not been banned in India or any other region where they have an official presence, as they are still available for Android users, and players that already have them downloaded on their iOS devices can continue to enjoy them.

Though the reason remains unknown, a key point to note here is that Garena is currently facing a lawsuit by Krafton, who has accused them of copying PUBG Mobile. Additionally, Krafton has further sued both Apple and Google for distributing the title via their respective app stores.

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